Marriage life with one person? Are you ready

Marriage is a special bond that a couple shares. So, beforeyou decide to bind yourself by marriage, ask yourself the most importantquestion – are you ready to actually live your entire life with oneperson? Are you ready to accept another person into your life? Do yousuit each other? We always think about these questions and avoid getting into aserious relationship. We are never ready for a lifelong commitment.

Why do we think that weare not ready for marriage?1-     We judge everyone according to our lastrelationship. We think that the lastrelation was a failure then every next relation will be a failure.2-     We think that we are financially not ready forall the expenses.

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3-     You think that you are not ready to have kids.4-     You think that you love your partner but youdon’t want to spend your life with him/her.5-     Nowadays the couples have trust issues. 6-     You think that it will interfere with your career.And the reasons for not getting married areendless.

But you will be never ready for it; don’tsearch for a reason to escape.  Don’t getmarried just because your friend or colleagues are getting married or you aregetting old. Before starting any business, we make plansbut we are afraid to take our first step. Because we think that our plan is notgood or you are not fully prepared for the launch.Don’t think that you are not good enough toraise the kids, nobody is born perfect, you just have to step intoa relationship and everything will work on its own. Sometimes we think that ourindependence will be lost and you don’t feel like sharing your personal space with anyone but one day oranother you have to.

Don’t get married because you are getting old and the agefor marriage has passed.  You are nevertoo old to fall in love with a person. We spend our whole life waiting for theperfect person and you lose what you already had. Maybe the person you aredating is perfect for you; try to search good things for a person. You think that your time will come to getmarried but maybe this is a perfect time.It happens with everyone, we feel that weare not ready for such a big thing in your life.Our expectations from marriage are so much,we expect them to be your good friend, mature enough to understand yourproblems and you. And these expectations stopus from committing to anyone.

Don’t marryjust because of the society and what other people will think, marry for yourown happiness. You will never be ready for marriage until you do it.  


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