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Marnet BoydJane BestSDV 10114 Nov 18 Why I chose to pursue an Associates degree in ScienceIn this paper I will answer the following questions: What is it to be an Ultrasound Technician? What kind of education is required? What kind of licensure/certification/requirements are required? What is the salary and job outlook for this career? What are some disadvantages/advantages of the job? An Ultrasound Technician or an Ultrasound Sonographer is someone that produces ultrasonic recordings of internal organs that are read to the patient by a general practitioner or a specialist.

Additionally, Ultrasound Technicians or Ultrasound Sonographers are specially and specifically trained in medical terminology, medical procedure and operating specific equipment for the purpose of giving an accurate test or reading to the practitioner. The imagery provides an accurate diagnostic for the patient. This diagnostic test can be critical to the patients’ treatment plan.

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As far as education goes, the minimum requirement is an associates degree that can be completed in two years, which is a major advantage. VA After completing the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program and earning your associates, you will then need to pass the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography specialty exam. You will then be considered registered with the credential RDMS. Innerbody.comBenefits of being an Ultrasound Technician or Sonographer The career path that I have chosen offers me the opportunity to build relationships in my field in addition to gaining copious amounts of knowledge benefitting me with maximum amounts of rewards in my field. It is not just a career choice it is a lifelong investment into one’s life because, beyond it being a career it opens up the possibility of owning a business.

Owning my own business has definitely been a career goal for me since I graduated from high school and I want my career goals to begin with an occupation that I enjoy and will afford me a comfortable but rewarding life. A very wise philosopher Confucius is quoted as saying “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I believe this quote to be very befitting for me as I am a person in search of a career that I can enjoy and love to do. An extra bonus will be the salary because, according to the VA Wizard, the top salary in the state of Virginia is $97,470 per year. Because this job is in such high demand, it has a projected growth rate of 27,500 openings between 2014-2024. Ultrasound vaIt is a life long career in which you can build relationships and gain copious amounts of knowledge with many rewards. Not only is there a variety of work settings in which you can work in a hospital, outpatient care center, doctors office or clinic but you also have a chance to save lives.

But the job is not always rewarding. Some days will not always be good ones, there can be long working hours standing on your feet. You also need to be able to handle results discretely, still be able to work under pressure because you never want to alarm a patient. All in all the career will have its ups and downs but it’s the good days that help you push through.


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