Marketing also fulfill the requirement of ceiling

Marketing Analysis
Market Segmentation
Ozon’s customers basically comprise of 3 target group which are environmentalist, decoration company and local business people. These two groups are could be say are potentially strong client segments. The mix of client benefit is to help maintain consistent business throughout the year. For example, the reason to choose environmental as market segment because Ozon’s ceiling panel is environmental friendly which means environmentalist may use this as their house ceiling to further protect environment. The graph below shows that the percentage of support Ozon Company’s ceiling panel as their house ceiling panel at different age.

Graph 1: Percentage support Ozon company’s ceiling panel at different age.

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Customer’s needs and wants
Currently many people are pay close attention at environmental problem such as government banned styrofoam food container and replace it with biodegradable plastic food container. The biggest advantages of Ozon’s ceiling panel than others is environmental friendly and its material properties and mechanical properties is also fulfill the requirement of ceiling panel with a lower purchasing price than market value. Currently, the majority of ceiling panel is made from non-environmental friendly material. Thus, environmental friend ceiling panel will attract environmentalist to buy it with affordable price. Ozon company’s ceiling panel could be say such a new thing for market. Local business people may treat the benefit of Ozon company’s ceiling panel as a chance for their business so, ceiling panel will be the main supplier for the local business people. Other than that, decoration company need update their service and end product, limited service or product will reduce the customer of company. Ozon company’s ceiling panel offer decoration company a new product so, it will help decoration company attract more customers.

Competitor’s analysisOne of the players in the industry is Ledex, they introduced different type of ceiling panel but no environmental friend ceiling panel. The key selling point of them is using different type ceiling panel to attract customer. Another player in the field is Ecowool, their product proposed is also environmental friendly ceiling panel.

With the strong background and reputation of these two core competitors, consumer will logically choose for their services over Ozon as Ozon are just startups. Ozon company has the product which Ledex company don’t have. However Ecowool company has similar product with Ozon company but as company size of Ozon is small so key impact is efficiency of making a decision or any change. All these key factors may bring immense threat to our company. But the key feature of our company is affordable.

Marketing plan
Ceiling panel of Ozon company is replaced the current material to rice husk. The celling panel made by this material is much lighter than previous material due to rice husk has lower density compare with them. Although the Ozon’s ceiling panel is lighter but the durability, strength and toughness of the Ozon’s ceiling panel is reach the requirement of a standard rice husk. Besides that, Ozon’s ceiling panel is environmental friendly since its main resource is rice husk so the agriculture waste can turn into a useful product.
The ceiling panel will be sale batch by batch and, each batch contain 50 ceiling panel so, customer could change the desire shape and size of the ceiling panel according their requirement after a batch of ceiling panel. It will lead customize become easier for Ozon company and customer also.
Batch type and unit type of production line will be choose as Ozon’s company production line. Each batch contain 50 same type of ceiling panel. As mention above, the operator can change the size and shape after a batch of ceiling panel, it is actually make customer to customize the product easily with a lower cost as compare to mass product and continuous production. Ozon’s company have also unit type of production to allow the client who do not want to order a large amount of ceiling panel can place their order also.

Ozon is implementing penetration pricing, which means prices are set lower than previous material market price, while being above Ozon costs. The aim is to grab as much of the market before big players starts to focus on Ozon. Discounts are offered to the staff’s friends and family, students, teachers,and military personnel. Ozon pricing product is competitive, yet used to establish image. Ozone does not undersell itself by pricing the product too low, yet they are also not the highest-priced product.

Ozon company located near by the material supplier and the transportation hub where more likely suburb area. The transportation of resource can be done easily as it is near by the supplier. Client and worker can access to Ozon company as it is near the transportation hub. The expense is lower as compare to have a company at downtown area. Parking in this area is more abundant than city, and is free instead of pay-for.
Ozon company will use multiple internet-based methods to increase awareness of customer. The official Ozon website will be list on the product, and simple search will lead the website pop up on Google Places. Ozon is also listed some review-based websites. Social media is an indispensable tool; the social media marketing strategy utilises social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Google+, and Instagram. Ozon will use Twitter and Facebook to share specials, contents, news relevant to product; use Instagram to post photos of anything related to Ozon system or product. Ozon is also planning to organize environment protection activities to increase the environment awareness to more people so environmental friendly ceiling panel sales may increase.

Sales Forecast
Ozon company has predict the sales per month in 2019 base on the percentage of supporter as shown in graph 1. Prediction of the sales for the first two month is very low due to the unwell-known of Ozon company. After a period of time the sales will rise exponentially because the promotion of Ozon company can split reputation very fast. The prediction of how many piece ceiling panel sales per month in 2019 is shown as below.

Month Sale of product (piece)
EnvironmentalsitDecoration company Local business people Total sale per month
January 50 200 300 550
February 75 215 310 600
March 150 500 600 1250
April 250 700 800 1750
May 260 800 900 1960
June 280 825 925 2030
July 280 920 1000 2200
August 300 1000 1200 2500
September 300 1250 1550 3100
October 300 1300 1600 3200
November 310 1375 1615 3300
December 350 1450 1700 3500
Table 1: Prediction of sales of product (piece) for every month in 2019.

Graph 1: Prediction of sales of product (piece) per month in 2019.


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