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Many of us still believe that extents of linguistics are restricted to only the elaborated systematic study of a particular language. This idea needs a reformation. The artist (writer or author) is involved in creativity and craftsmanship, while linguists are involved in the systematic study of the language itself. Language and literature together gives form to language and hence, they must co-exist. For this coexistence to exist, we need a bridge between the two. This subtle insight of literature in language and vice versa is given by stylistics. In fact, this is the motto of the book. This is one of the reasons it is placed under the vocation of applied linguistics and does not function as an autonomous domain on its own. John sleeps. This little statement above, what does it mean We dont know. But, since we can be grammarians, we can say that there is a subject and a verb with an agreement (subject-verb agreement) between them. But then, I remember my conversation with Tony I Been such a long time, everythings changed huh Those kids are grown up eh Tony They were kids in school when you came last time. Now they are old enough to earn. I Whoa, cant believe it Tony But, while everyones working hard, John proves himself to be the laziest of all. I Laziest What does he do Tony Nothing man, John does exactly nothing. John sleeps The vocal movements can be analyzed by the complexities in their tone. The tone is the first part to be understood and surprisingly, it was the only part that Desdemona understood of Othellos words when she protested I understand the fury in your words, but not the words. Language is remolded with respect to its context. This concept is applied to all aspects of literature. In poetry, lines end and begin at different points determined by the writer, subjected to the circumstances of poetic language, the creation of poets. Grammar leaves out part of real language and we feel that what it leaves out, the detailed particularity of particular occasions, brings us nearer to what we mean when we talk of variation of style. Perhaps, we can simply impose grammar as what is said and style as how it is said. The remolding of language applies to its technical aspects too. Dylan Thomas uses the phrase farmyards away. Normally, in English such phrases begin with specific measure of length such as mile away. Language is always being put to new uses and adjusted to them. Vocabulary is subject to innovation in this way. Coming to the matter of context, while the grammarian is interested in discussing each scheme separately and for its own sake the stylistician is interested in comparing schemes, relating them to their contexts and observing the intricate patterns emerging from the interference of one with another. Stephen Ullman suggests that stylistics has the same divisions as linguistics and that there are phonological, lexical, and syntactic levels in the study of style. G.W.Turner has talked about this basic theme throughout his book producing examples to support his ideas. All chapters give a deeper insight into the properties of vocabulary, context, syntax, sound and situation in particular. In other words, the author has attempted to introduce an insight to systematic structural observation between the content created by author in a particular context and the grammar of the language within a text. A sports commentary the multiple styles Now smith hits the ball. Smith Now hits the ball. Smith hits the ball now. Now the ball is hit by Smith. Now the ball is hit. Stylistic, isnt it BSAUMYAKANTI PAGE MERGEFORMAT 1 Y, yu),[email protected]
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