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Many believe school should just be for learning, but could you imagine going through school without the spirit sports bring and how it manages to reconnect the community? Individuals are considering taking away competitive sports from schools without considering how much its going impact negatively. Mentors such as Jay Greene professor of education reform at the University of Arkansas, Daniel Bowen a post- doctoral fellow researcher at Rice University, Donté Stallworth a former N.F.L player, and Kevin Kniffin who teaches leadership and management at Cornell University, all agree on one thing to preserve school athletics. Competitive sports should not be eliminated from schools due to the fact students learn the value of hard work and dedication that will help in their future workplace, it will also pressure them to apply themselves in school because in order to even play you must maintain a 2.0 gpa so in order to play you have to be academically eligible, last sports for students have many health benefits that guide them to a healthy lifestyle like eating healthy, working out, and being drug free.

One reason that sports should stay in schools is when thinking in the future students who participate in sports show handwork and dedication that in the long run will help in their future workplace. School sports have been the highlight to students for many years and has been helpful for generations in benefiting how effective they work in future jobs whether working by yourself or with others. In his argument to keep sports in school, Kevin Kniffin teacher of leadership and management in sports at Cornell University states” People who played high school sports tend to get better jobs, with better pay.” (Kniffin 7). To elaborate, growing up playing sports you will meet many new and different people, which will eventually help you adapt and get to know people quickly. Children learn how to participate as a team not just an individual; which is very essential for future careers.

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Second reason that sports should stay in schools is playing a sport requires you to apply yourself in your academics in order to play in a competitive school sport. When being in a school sport it is required you maintain a 2.0 gpa in order to play, so if you’re even thinking of playing in a sport you must consider if your grades are eligible too. In their attempt to keep competitive sports in schools Jay Greene professor of education reform at the University of Arkansas and Daniel Bowen’s post- doctoral fellow at the institute for Urban Research at Rice University write,” Schools that offer more sports and field more successful teams produce higher test scores and graduation rates” (Greene and Bowen 4). In other words

It has been argued by many that competitive sports should be eliminated from schools. It’s being said schools should just be about learning and competitive sports have gotten out of hand, after the New Jersey high school football teams’ scandal after varsity players where being charged with the sexual assault of younger team mates. For these reasons, it is understood why many believe it is necessary to eliminate school teams due to the likely hood of this happening again and who knows how many this has happened to already. Although it is true students should be left unmonitored in a sport, however, competitive sports should not be eliminated from schools. In “School Sports Provide Lessons on How to Live, ” Donté Stallworth, former N.F.L. player and national security fellow at The Huffington Post argues,” The magic about high school sports isn’t about how a kid can go pro someday, or even if their team wins, but that they can step out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves” (Stallworth 5). In other words, when you are in a competitive school sport it allows you to go above and beyond not just in the classroom. Taking away the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone would be a disadvantage to students all over because it allows them to try something new and sitting in a classroom all day may not be their thing but whether they’re on a track or field the lessons their will last them a lifetime.

Finally, it may be concluded competitive sports in the education system have more positive impact than having no sports at all. Without sports students will lack hard work and dedication, importance of academics, and maintaining a healthy life style. Sports carry a lifetime of benefits to students who participate, and it would be a disadvantage to those who have the opportunity taken away. Sports can have a great impact on a child’s life and can help them to grow not only as an athlete but as a person.


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