man in all the people. Only a few

man with a lot of wealth can be considered a rich man. But who is a successful person? To achieve a desired aim in life, the goal to be accomplished when is actually achieved, it is termed the Success.

A man without any ambition is not a successful person. He may be rich, poor, healthy, weak or any sort of being. To set a goal is not a difficult task but to achieve the desired goal is what matters a lot!
To be a successful person, just wealth and health is not enough. He must be mentally and physically prepared for his goal. Even a poor man can become a successful Person if he determines to be. A successful person must possess a good mind, patience and the ability to accomplish the desired goal, which is not found in all the people. Only a few possess that special ability.
In common, scientists are successful persons as they have tremendous patience, good mind, physically prepared and have the ability to achieve the desired task.

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But some people fail to accomplish their goal. Nowadays we say, “Money matters a lot”. Quite true but without it also, many people have become successful person.

According to me, the one who keeps constant efforts on his task and runs after success is the one who becomes a successful person. He gets it only when he thinks to achieve it.
Hope is another factor. Some people sometimes are on the verge of getting success but fail to do so. Lack of hope makes a person a failure even if he is not.

Great scientist Sir Thomas Alva Edison after thousand efforts became a successful person. He determined to invent a bulb and he did it at his thousandth effort.
He failed for nine hundred ninety-nine times. If he would have given up that time, we would have light at night. Hats off for him!
To be a successful person, to enjoy and to accept each and everything is what requires for a man to be a successful person.
Utilizing every moment of life in bringing our target near is very important factor. Time is running…
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