Malala city of Mingora (Pakistan). Malala had

Malala Yousafzai Malala Yousafzai was a fearless girl who risked her life for her beliefs and fighting for the education of millions, and she was the youngest person ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize. First, on July, 12, 1992 Malala was born in the city of Mingora (Pakistan). Malala had a hope to decide to be a doctor when she grew up, she knew she would have to go to school for many years and study very hard ,but Malala didn’t minf at all. She loved everything about school and reading, the subjects she loved the most was (history, geography, science and religon). Then, when Malala was ten years old ,her life changed.

War came to Mingora ,the city where she lived. A group of violent fighters called the Taliban had taken over her beloved Swat valley, and that girls would be stopped from going to school, (just girls), and they Also started destroying girls’ schools. Malala wondered how she could ever become a doctor if she wasn’t allowed to learn. After, Malala spoke out. She told local newspapers that she was afraid the Taliban would close her school, She talked about how frightening her life had become and that more than anything she wanted to go to school. Malala was becoming famous ,people were talking about her ,but soon some Taliban fighters learned her name and two of them stopped her school bus and walked in and shot her. Luckily, Malala survived ,she was flown to hospital where she recovered. But ,Malala didn’t stop speaking out, after she was better ,she went on working for the right of all children to be educated and that she never stopped learning and studying and going to school.

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Later, by autumn of 2012, Mingora appeared to have returned to normal. The Pakistan army had cleared the Taliban from the city and once again, the streets were alive with scooters and rickshaws ,and man schools had been rebuilt ,and the girls of Mingora had returned to their classrooms. Malala had become famous, she was even awarded by the National Youth Peace Prize that would be given to children under eighteen and who had done the most for peace.

And in July, 12, 2015 ,Malala marks her 18th birthday by opening a secondary school for Syrian refugee girls in Lebanon’s Bekaa valley. In conclusion, the courageous Malala Yousafzai solved every problems about education and she never stopped speaking out of anyone who needed education and she herself didn’t gave up on studying ,learning ,and reading.


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