Making the numbers add up. There is

Making sure I was never out of a decent paying career is not the only drive that made me pursue an accounting degree. I figured that for me to lead a pleasing life, I must take a certain delight and satisfaction from my own work. I am generally fascinated by numbers and accounting is one of the degrees that allow the practical application of mathematics. The mathematical nature of accounting, the right and wrong of it, balancing books, tracking a company’s cash flows, all of these; excite me. Before going to the University of Zimbabwe, I was the financial director of St Dominic’s Chishawasha’s Junior Achievement Company as well as that of the LEO club.

It became apparent to me that accounting is a core part of any business. While I took up these positions it felt like I was saving the world, as I had to sit down and piece together how the numbers add up. There is no doubt accounting is difficult, however I enjoy being challenged. After solving an accounting problem and having my balances equal, I feel a sense of satisfaction of doing something well.

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This is what made me choose the accountancy profession.I believe accountants are in a privileged position to help people not just by discussing business but also matters affecting clients on a personal level. Due to my high levels of socialization, I am also able to impart my knowledge on issues currently affecting Zimbabwe for example cholera, therefore raising awareness of potential humanitarian disasters.

Accountancy affects every facet of human life. It allows for diversification and flexibility to match the different projects undertaken by MSF. Accounting teaches me to be able to serve MSF clients, partners, employees, donors, the target communities and others by putting their needs before mine. Serving others is what then connects my passion for accounting with one of MSF’s aim of aiding populations in distress as a result of natural disasters or collective calamities.

There is continuous need for process improvement within any organisation. My accounting knowledge allows me to increase research and development into HIV/AIDS treatments to decrease the cost and increase availability. Although I may not be directly treating patients, I will still positively affect the level of care that patients receive, and their lives as a result especially through financial decisions. I see myself not just as a potential accountant but a potential business partner, who has an equal stake in whether MSF is successful or not.

I’ll be able to provide and interpret financial data and its impact on MSF Zimbabwe. The forecasts and budgets we make with the finance team will aid in the organisation’s decision making. Regardless of one’s specific role in MSF, I believe that everything we all do plays a vital part in helping people.

The type of help needed in Healthcare expands across various sectors, meaning that with my accounting knowledge, I will be able to do some good Through my basic computer skills, data entry, project planning and financial forecasts will be enhanced thus allowing a systematic approach with an ability to follow things through. Also, I will be able to engage in eHealth thus, improving Healthcare by using information and communications technology. I am willing to work under pressure to process high volumes of work while meeting tight deadlines. More overworking for MSF will enable me to practically apply the research methods I learnt in my last semester.

In this case, this gives me the platform to research further especially on fundraising activities in order to generate more income. This may help increase the revenues in Zimbabwe since the organisation is currently being affected by the economic instability. Being part of MSF, I will also be a good ambassador of the organisation and this in turn brings in more donors. This, I can achieve through advertisements on social media as well as simply wearing the organisation’s regalia.


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