Main values brought by the blockchain in

Main areasof  transformation ValueProposition We assessed that one of the key values brought by theblockchain in the healthcare sector will be on medical records data asit will be safe, it will be easily shared with the various healthcarestakeholders, it can be a unified system used both on the national andtransnational level.  Another key benefit will be the simplification of thepayment processes and time efficiency due to the elimination of middlemen,especially between patients and insurance companies. The third value brought by blockchain would be transparencyin clinical trials. It will help to eliminate falsification andmanipulations of test results and also save time in processes such as drugsupply and payments. Keypartners As regards to the key partners, we identified that collaborationbetween medical providers and insurance companies as well as pharmaciescould be both more effective and efficient with the use of blockchaintechnology. Moreover, it will decrease level of bureaucracy and the increase oftransparency between all the stakeholders. Coststructure We assessed that the long-term benefits of theimplementation of the blockchain will prevail over the short-term operationalcost (i.

e. implementation of the system, database storage and maintenance aswell as employee training).  RETAILINDUSTRY  Key Partners   ·       Advertising Agencies ·       Distribution Network ·       Investors and Shareholders ·       Suppliers ·       Subsidiaries ·       Governmental and International Organizations   Key Activities   ·       Branding ·       Marketing ·       Merchandising ·       Manufacturing ·       Research & Development ·       Sales ·       Distribution ·       Product development ·       Logistic ·       Supply Chain ·       Quality Control ·       Management of relationships with suppliers and distributors   Value Proposition   •        Value for money •        Quality of service/product •        Location •        Long term close relationship with the customer •        Authenticity of the product   Customer Relationships   ·       Customer Loyalty ·       Brand awareness ·       Continuous availability of the product ·       On time delivery ·       Transparency ·       Data security Customer Segments   ·       Massive Markets ·       Conscious and tech costumers ·       Millenials Key Resources   ·       Physical resources: web infrastructure, retail stores and plants ·       Intellectual resources: patents and copyright ·       Human resources: marketing and operations, development partners, IT Teams ·       Financial resources Channels   ·       Retail stores ·       Website ·       Social Media Cost Structure   ·       Fixed costs: general and administrative costs, patent applications, infrastructure and accounting costs ·       Variable costs: materials, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, marketing and operations Revenue Streams   ·       Direct to Consumer Revenues ·       Wholesaler to Retailer Revenues   Figure 7?2: Retail Business Canvas Main areasof transformation Value proposition One of thekey fields where the blockchain could bring value in the retail sector is the supplychain, in particular the distribution and supply network. Indeed, byimplementing a private or a consortium blockchain, all the actors involved aswell as customers could benefit from a better relationship in terms of trust,transparency and time saving.

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In terms of logistics, the blockchainwould also improve product traceability and automate several time consuming manual processes. Anothervalue brought by the blockchain would be quality control: by settlingthe standards to be respected for each product, the non – mutability of datawould be an irrefutable proof in front of regulators, customers and the othershareholders of a company. In this manner the company would be able to have the full control andthe visibility of its whole supply chain and interfere immediately when anissue would be presented. The use ofblockchain technology can guarantee fair trade, ensure food safetyand prevent food scares.  It would also allow reducing the quantity of thecounterfeit goods.  Finally,blockchain could also improve considerably digital marketing activities andtherefore sales, as it would allow targeting the right audience, trackevery click and lead (action, sale, goal completion), ensure instant paymentsfor a performance resulting in actual decrease in sales.

 Key partners Regardingkey partners, as seen above, we assessed that the relationship between suppliersand other stakeholders of the supply chain would be significantlyimproved in terms of efficiency and reliability. Thecooperation between all the actors in the supply chain as well as governmentaland nonprofit organizations is crucial for further development and applicationof the technology.  Cost structure Finally, weconsider that both fixed and variable costs would decrease in the long termthanks to the implementation of the technology.

In term of fixed costs, theblockchain would significantly decrease general and administrative costs.As regards variable costs, the blockchain would decrease distribution,marketing and operational costs.


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