Madison time to find her, so I

Madison pearsonPer 311/11/17First draftKidnapped “I cannot predict the future, I cannot change the past, I have just the present moment, I must treat it as my last.” -I may never see the future. Author unknownI cannot explain to you what I lost, I cannot explain the pain. I can only tell you how I fixed it, and why. It was a late August, Connecticut was terrible.  Always either harshly cold or harshly hot and in our toasty three-story house, it was only the six of us.

Me, Caitlyn forbs; My twelve-year-old sister, Hana; My dad Tom; My Mom Jessica; and my two dogs Daisy and penny. We were all a crazy family who loved to mess with each other, I and my sister loved to prank each other but usually, it just ended in fighting. We were the type of family who loved to go on big adventures, camping, fishing, and sightseeing.  Every year, right before the end of summer we would meet with friends and go to a small camping center in the middle of nowhere, porta-potties, no service, no phones, and nothing but each other and the camper of courseMy sister and I loved each other but fighting was probably the thing we did most. So, of course, we fought the whole way to the camping center and by the time we got there both of us had had enough of it. “Honestly Hana, F off! I’m older so I get the say on who’s right!” I yelled so loud she probably wanted to hit me, I mean I would have hit me, but she knew she couldn’t.

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“Oh okay cuz your just always right” she rolled her eyes and walked away About an hour had gone by and I started to really worry about her, mom and dad got sick of us so they decided to take on the 6-mile trails, where they probably got distracted or lost. I was supposed to be watching my sister that meant it was time to find her, so I got up and walked away from the camper, I went down the small hill and from a distance I saw her, she was talking to some lady and her husband in a big gray truck, she laughed and then walked to the opposite side of the car. I watched the car drive away but where the hell was Hana? I looked at the truck and then realized she was sitting in the back playing with what looked like a puppy, or maybe even a kitten, but where the hell was she going? Maybe she was just getting a ride back to the camper. I stood there while the truck drove towards me. As the car stopped the lady rolled down the window “hey kiddo me and my partner here are giving this girl Hana a ride to her campsite, would you like a ride too?” she smiled a fake smile and her eyes looked bright red and bloodshot, her “partner” had a big black eye and everything seemed so off, i could sense the fake.”No thanks, that’s my sister you have there and our campsite is just up the hill. We can walk, so that’s fine.

thanks anyway.” I reached my hand out to open the door, but the lady locked it right before I could    “What the hell are you doing? That’s my sister! Unlock the door before I call the cops!” I looked at the lady and waited    “That’s fine. Thanks anyway.” she mocked me with a villain like grin stretched across her face.

I was shocked, I realized what was happening and ran after the car, I ran and ran, but I knew I couldn’t catch up so I started to scream. The whole campsite ran out to the road and watched, people tried to call 911 but it was too late, they were gone, my sister was gone.It has been two years since I lost her. It has been so hard, I shut myself out from the world. Homeschooled and isolated, I hid from all family I knew and feared that a friend might stop by my house to show their sympathy. The cop that was on the investigation, officer Cooper promised me that he would never give up on her case. He was a weird dude who always knew what to say and when, he always knew when someone was lying and could always make a person laugh, he called it a superpower.

Every Wednesday he took me out and drove me around town, every time he would take me to different locations where he thought my sister might be. The woods, abandoned houses, creeks, lakes, old cabins, anything you can think of. We never found her.

“Her” had become my sister’s name, my parents could say it, but I never could and officer Cooper never said it either. After 9 hours of looking for her, we would go get pizza. He would try and bring up the conversation that she was gone, but the tears he saw in my eyes stopped him.

The first month of a new week we would get icecream. “Caitlyn. I know you miss her you’ve done everything you can and i have tried for years to make you feel better. You have to find a way to feel better, you’re throwing away your life.” his voice lightened almost like he wanted to cry but he couldn’t.”No” my eyes filled with tears “you promised. You promised you wouldn’t give up on her!” I couldn’t believe this was happening, even officer cooper knew never to go there, he was the only one that knew.

“We aren’t making any progress. I’m sorry but it’s time to start looking for her in other places, you know what i mean?””NO! Shes here! I know she’s here she wouldn’t leave me like this. She would fight. She’s somewhere i know she is.

” tears started flowing down my face, my shirt was soaked in the tears i couldn’t stop from falling.”I’m sorry, look kid we’ll find her.” he smiled and gestured for us to leave.It was hard walking out of that ice cream shop, and I had this feeling in my stomach. She was right there, i could feel her. I just didn’t know where to find her.


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