Madeleine G. Tejada POL 166 – H301 September 5, 2018
Final Paper Assignment # 1
First Choice:
• Political Problem: Increasing death rates due to drug overdose (Opioid Crisis)
• Solution 1: Strict enforcement of laws regulating the distribution of opioids making
it less accessible to the public
• Solution 2: Encourage public awareness regarding opioid addiction
• Solution 3: Support research and efforts dedicated to providing better treatment
and prevention programs
Second Choice:
• Political Problem: Restrictions and limitations on abortion
• Solution 1: Allow states to decide the restrictions on abortion
• Solution 2: Implementation of a universal set of limitations and restrictions on
abortion all over the country
Third Choice:
• Political Problem: Different positions and perceptions of the government and
citizens on the zero-tolerance immigration policy
• Solution 1: Prosecution and separation of illegal immigrants
• Solution 2: Detainment and prosecution of illegal immigrants but no family
separations; Letting the families be detained together
• Solution 3: Administer due process to illegal immigrants


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