MacBride streams of the media.In 1977, an Irish

MacBride commission
International commission for the study of communication problems was appointed in1977 under the chairmanship of Sean MacBride, an Irish diplomat. The members of thecommission were the media dignitaries of several countries and experts in variousoperational streams of the media.In 1977, an Irish diplomat, Sean MacBride, was appointed as the head of international commission for the study of communication problems. This commissionwas created under the aegis of the UNESCO. It was result of the growing concerns of the NAM nations for addressing problems related to world communication. It was alsorequired to lay special stress on the international implications of the modern media.In 1980, the report of this commission was published under the title “ManyVoices One World”. It also known as “The MacBride Report”
The report of the MacBride Commission
1.The report considers the complaints of the NAM nations about the defect in thesystem of international news transfer.2. It also tried to understood the intricacies of apprehension of the west, example:the west had alleged that declaration (of the western block nations or NAM) thatdefined the responsibilities, calling for their licences or stating that their rightsand freedom should be given special consideration, have the innate threat of placing undue restrictions on their tried to analyse the problems related to the world tried to define the issues that formed the bases of conflict between the easternand western nation in the field of transnational communication5.the reporter is not a consensus but only a text
Recommendations of MacBride
1.It recommended taking care of the complaints against defects in the system of international news transfer.2.It recommended for getting solution of problems related to the worldcommunication3.It has defined the issues that formed the communication conflicts recommended for taking notice of both the sides in a transnational conflicts inequal manner


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