Long Queues (Moderate Risk, Low Severity) Both

LongQueues (Moderate Risk, Low Severity) Both the SkyPark observation deck and infinity pool have a carrying capacitywhich could lead to long queues. Such issues are relatively common during peakperiods and not very serious. Solution: Using Systems and Technology. For hotel guests, they may be givena buzzer to wait for their turn to enter the infinity pool. At the observationdeck, guests can pre-book their tickets online.

This controls the number ofvisitors and ensure that their attitudes and expectations of the attraction arenot hindered because of the long waiting time. There could also be a fast passsystem to help guests avoid long queues and refreshments and a seating areacould be provided to take the minds off queuing guests.  Intruders to SkyPark- Infinity Pool (Moderate Risk, Moderate Severity) Intruders will increase thenumber of visitors, exceed the carrying capacity and compromise visitorspending. The lack of security caused by overcrowding from freeloaders canincrease the security/safety threats faced by Marina Bay Sands.

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Operating costswill also be affected as the expenses are unaccounted for due to unlawfulaccess. More employees may have to be delegated from other departments toassist in the surge of visitors on site. Solution: Find out how the intruders access the SkyPark (through YouTubevlogs/online blogs) , increase security parole in the area and install moresurveillance cameras.

Check that key cards are valid (not duplicated/reportedas lost). Ensure that standard operating procedures are strictly adhered to andno concession should be given to guests who do not meet the requirements ofproducing key cards during entry operations.  Inappropriate/Inaccessibleaccess for the disabled and special needs group (Moderate Risk, ModerateSeverity) The wheelchairramps put in place may be too steep which is dangerous for the wheelchairusers. In addition, in the event of faulty lifts, the special visitor groupsmay not be able to access the SkyPark. Solution: Ensure that the wheelchair ramps installed meets the universaldesign of the Building and Construction Authority. Preventive maintenance onlifts, escalators should be accessed and conducted twice every month to ensuresafety and accessibility for the users.

In addition, all employees should betaught on how to assist people with disability. This ensures that the visitorneeds are thoroughly understood and allows guests to feel at ease, knowing thatthe management had managed the site as a whole and paid attention to details ofthe minority groups.BadWeather (Low Risk, Low Severity)TheSands SkyPark is located outdoors and susceptible to the weather. Rain willcause the attractions to be closed off and the hot and humid Singapore weathercould cause potential dehydration/heat strokes. This is unfavourable for boththe guests and employees.

Solution:Tentage and shelters should be built to ensure that both guestsand employees do not get drenched in the rain, and can seek cover when the heatis unbearable. Marina Bay Sands can also look into providing umbrellas for theguests. There should be water coolers located near the observatory deck aswell. By putting themselves in the shoes of the visitors and having empathy fortheir staff, the can ensure that the right service quality standards are beingmet. Lackof knowledgeable and well-trained employees (Low Risk, Low Severity) Employees who do not receive proper training could result inchaos, low productivity, unhappiness, arguments, unsafe environments and lossof customers.

All these factors could significantly tarnish the Marina BaySands standard.  Solution: Training may needan update. Cross-training will equip employees with the necessary skills toperform tasks outside of their day-to-day job functions. When employees arewell-trained, they can solve minor and major problems quickly like childtantrums, customer unhappiness or even fire safety evacuations.

Havingcross-trained employees means that they have comprehensive knowledge acrossdifferent functional areas of the site and would be flexible in changingcircumstances as well as they are an all-rounder. Employees can be givenincentives and rewards like cash or paid leave to encourage them to constantlyimprove their service standards and educate themselves. Well-trained employeeswill also not take the guests or their colleagues’ prejudices on a personallevel and instead, show professionalism.  Drowning(High Risk, High Severity) At the infinity pool, it is very common for drowning to occurand thrill seekers may swim over the ledge, which signals alarm bells.  Solution: All employees should be equipped with CPR AEDtraining in the event of accidents.  Guests who are not strong swimmersshould declare their status during the entry and given either colouredwristbands, symbols, clothing or anything prominent for lifeguards to takeextra precaution and notice them amongst the crowd. There should also be clearwarning signs put in place.

Lifeguards should be on alert at all times to spotdrowning guests or rule-breakers. Regular inspections should be conducted onlifeguards using test dummies examines the lifeguard’s readiness level andtheir ability to work under pressure and in respond to crises. Drones can bealso used for security purposes to detect guests who are illegally climbingover the ledge and detect drowning guests.  FoodPoisoning (High Risk, High Severity) The foodand beverage establishments may have misestimate the amount of produce requiredand over ordered. The excess products may be kept in unsanitary conditions,causing the quality of the food produced to be of unacceptable standards.  Solution: This accident can be avoided through regularinspections by National Environmental Agency (NEA) on the cleanliness level ofthe food and beverage establishments and also the internal management of theestablishment itself.

In addition, the management should place strongeremphasis on proper food safety and hygiene practices to employees in order toensure that the establishment does not suffer any undesired expenses due tofines by the NEA or tarnished reputation.  Fire(High Risk, High Severity) Thefood and beverage establishments or any part of the SkyPark may catch fire dueto carelessness or intention by mischief-doers.Solution: Securityon parole at all times, employees should be able to direct guests to evacuationand safety. Regular stimulation exercises and fire emergency drills should alsobe conducted to raise awareness on the steps to follow in the event ofemergency. 


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