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Located on the Lang Biang plateau is Dalat, now one of the most spell-binding places in Vietnam. This capital city of Lam Dong province not only fascinates visitors with its historic architecture and wide range of exquisite tourist attractions , but it also makes a lasting impression on all visitors with temperate climate and fruitful soil.Dalat is well-known as the city of eternal spring for its pleasant temperatures all year round. Its weather stands in contrast to Vietnam’s typical tropical climate where in spring, the humid climate and drizzling rain stretch out the atmosphere and dismay people at times. Here are tourists given the chance of experiencing four seasons in one day: cozy weather in morning, summery temperature at midday, crisp air in afternoon and refreshingly wintery atmosphere at night – by Vietnamese standards. This characteristic of Dalat’s climate is also a good explanation for its another name – vegetable garden. Due to favorable weather, Dalat not only is the supplier of temperate agricultural products for all around Vietnam, but it also renowned for its flowers, for instance: hydrangeas and cauliflowers.

Together with nascent wine-making and flower-growing industries, the National Flower Festival held every two years in this city also attracts participants all around the world.Besides the refreshing climate, Dalat makes an immediate impression on all who visit it with its quaint French colonial architecture and outstanding places of interest. Tourists can see the harmonious combination of the two cultures of Vietnam and France featured by Domaine de Marie Church, replica of the Eiffel Tower or charming villas with rose gardens. Furthermore, one also cannot help but be moved by the beauty of nature, such as Dreaming Hill with its poetic landscape or Tuyen Lam lake surrounded by pipe trees with chirping birds. Visitors can feel the strong sense of refreshment from tranquil mountains to breath-taking steep hillsides sloping down the lakes. Additionally, there is a night market in the heart of Dalat city. Tourists and locals flock there to find anything ranging from mouth-watering dishes to artful silk embroidery clothing.

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There is a saying that: “you have only traveled a half of Vietnam sceneries if you haven’t visited Dalat.” So, for an unforgettable unique experience, try Dalat – you won’t regret it.


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