LM1c me as a manager I have

LM1c 3.1.

Identify the factors that influence the vision and strategic direction of the team”Strategic planning is the process by which members of an organization envision its future and develop the necessary procedures and operations to achieve that future.” Pfeiffer, Goodstein, Nolan, 1986 and Rothwell, 1989The effectiveness of the team or the organisation on is to identify factors which can have an impact on the proper running of the company e.g. staff skills, resources and needs, external factors. As a unit manager I have to examine how the strategic planning affects the organization i.e.

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assets, resources, competencies and to analyze the external influences that assist in the development of strategic plans. I have to discuss how to develop mission statement goals vision and values and how these would have an impact within the organisation. A vision and strategic direction can influence team practice that is me as a manager I have to value my staff for their hard work and support provided to the residents to meet their needs and also to the organisation. This can be influence by the following: Mission statement, Communication, Good Leadership, Skills.In order to carry out of St Mary’s mission, aims and objectives the service setting should have updated care plans for residents, which meet their needs in all areas of their lives. I have discussed with my staff members during our staff meeting how important it is to update our residents care plan, report immediately changes that they encounter with the residents such as mobility, skin integrity, appetite, etc update and record monthly observations


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