Fredric Jameson An important figure of postmodernism

Fredric JamesonAn important figure of postmodernism and the popular figure who creates a successful book about postmodernism era. Fredric Jameson is an American Literary Critic who wrote some things about postmodern ideas. He wrote “Postmodernism, or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism” that was published in a journal in 1984 later became a whole book […]

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There poem has a violent, painful, and

There are two types of people to deal with death in this world. Some of them have sympathy and guilty and on the other side they don’t care about death. “Travelling through the Dark” by William E. Stanford and “Woodchucks” by Maxine Kumin, both poems have their similarities and differences. Travelling through the Dark and […]

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Abigail moved from Winthrop to Wellesley, where

Abigail MillerSylvia Plath’s poetry is known for being extremely personal, disturbing, and quite intense. It all started on October 27,1932, when Plath was born in Boston Massachusetts. Her mother was Aurelia Schober and her father was Otto Plath, who was a German instructor and biology professor at Boston University. She had one brother whose name […]

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The Gold. Robert Frost shows in this

The texts of both “Nothing Gold Can Stay” and “Dust of Snow” show our relationship with nature and human nature and characteristics. There are multiple differences between these two poems such as the conflict involving mother nature and human nature. Both had something positively and negatively happen to them, which sums up a huge difference […]

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Alexander does win!” Because true art is made

Alexander Solzhenitsyn- Nobel Lecture AnnotationHeart.) In my opinion that in art there are no secrets, lies or any “falsehood. My favorite part was “In the struggle with falsehood art always did win and it always does win!” Because true art is made when your feelings are at a peak and your heart can’t fake that […]

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The Markus Zusak is a novel that

The Deeper Message Within            The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is a novel that teaches the reader many important lessons that can be applied in life. One lesson throughout the book that I have found important is that words are as powerful as weapons. This lesson is first introduced through Liesel Meminger’s first experience at […]

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Course hope for its citizen’s in the

Course workExplore how the authors of “The Bright Lights of Sarajevo” and “Disabled” use language and structure to present the varying effects of war.  Thesis:The Poems “Disabled” and “The Bright Lights of Sarajevo” by Wilfred Owen and Tony Harrison, both give insight to the climatic nature of war, and, in the case of “Disabled”, the […]

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Both Whitman. Both Whitman and Dickinson’s poetry was

Both of them were poets of the nineteenth century and wrote poems that were about Nature, death, and immortality. A big difference is the structure of their poems. Walt Whitman’s poems were long and complex while Emily Dickson’s were short and simply. What I like about Whitman’s writing is that it is really descriptive. This […]

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