? industrial intermediates , which forms by dimerization

? Introduction :Higher olefins are important industrial intermediates , which forms by dimerization of akenes .moreover in order to study the reactivity and metal carbon bond characterization , they serve as good model . ? History :Dimerization of alkenes was firstly done by the zeigler in the early 1950s.the compound that is obtained by the […]

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Apoptosis, divides the entire cell into smaller chunks.

Apoptosis, otherwise known as Programmed Cell Death (PCD), is a process which allows cells to commit suicide to help aid organisms in growth and to avoid any possibilities of acquiring diseases. It eradicates cells which are no longer needed in the organism. Although there are many types of PCD, it tends to be compared to […]

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A fighting for and about subalterns. The splendid

A STUDY OF MARINALISED COMMUNITY IN MAHASWETA DEVI’S RUDALIMahasweta Devi is an extraordinary writer who has written and fought for the marginalized tirelessly for past six decades. Mahasweta Devi is an activist and writer working for the betterment of subaltern in her own way of protesting against the atrocities on down trodden by the main […]

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Robert person’s downfall. This plays a significant role

Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde has several lessons. One moral or lesson is that every person has both good and evil in them. This is the most compelling moral as it is the main focus of the story. Dr. Jekyll acknowledges that duality exists in people in his […]

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Secondly, terms of human experience (Nig, ek

Secondly, Shakespeare texts’ themes and tropes are widely considered to be universal in terms of human experience (Nig, ek is seker jy kan jou eie voorbeelde hier insluit). This argument is often used to support the relevancy of Shakespeare in any educational context. However, one must consider the question of accessibility in terms of social […]

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Assignment largely evolved on the lines of cross

Assignment No: 2Title: SeminarTopic: Pollinators-future outlookSubmitted to: Dr Mubashar HussainSubmitted by: Nadia IlyasRoll No: 17130814-015Course Code: Zoo-460Programe: M.Sc IITable of Contents TOC o “1-3” h z u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc517596803 h 3Possible options PAGEREF _Toc517596804 h 3Self-pollination PAGEREF _Toc517596805 h 3Self-pollinating plants PAGEREF _Toc517596806 h 4Pollination by humans PAGEREF _Toc517596807 h 4Creation of new insecticides […]

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One Herbals of course form the main

One of the major difficulties for undertaking medicinal plants cultivation in large scale i.e. the lack of scientific and appropriate agro technology for different climate zones. Experimental cultiva¬≠tion has been carried out nor in several places, but the recommended commercial practices have been neither worked out nor tested on industrial scale.Herbals of course form the […]

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Just an important part in shaping this

Just as Beah is reluctant to let his mother die if he shoots the monkey, the other nations are not willing to take the risk of becoming involved in the civil war in Sierra Leone. Beah’s answer to the monkey story is well-thought and is selfless, since he is sacrificing saving his mother to help […]

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In works with ionizing radiation in healthcare

In medical imaging modalities that used ionizing radiation to diagnose the health of the patient. Awareness of radiation protection, radiation doses, and risk factors should be an essential tool of every medical imaging examination and it should be a responsibility to have knowledge about above factors of each and every person who works with ionizing […]

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Caroline Hendy Professor Frederick Cope EN102 16

Caroline HendyProfessor Frederick CopeEN10216 September 2018The Weight of WarTim O’Brien plunges readers into the plight of First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross in “The Things They Carried” and makes one feel the weight and burden of the young 24-year-old man who leads his platoon through the jungle of Vietnam while pining for the love of his life, […]

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