Literature literature is also help to enrich

Literature means a kind of imaginative, innovative, and creative work it may varied according to author or writer. Literature also be classified into various genre which are fictional , non-fictional, short stories, poem, creative writing, travel writing, biography, etc. literature is also help to enrich our languages skill.

Literature having enormous different from the science .It is full of fact it cannot be change full of derivation and formula. But in literature is full arts highly imaginative. Its show our life in writing by using miraculous words. It may be vary according to the writers language like Tamil, Telugu , Marathi , English , Hindi etc.Our fore father has started to cultivate the Indian English literature from the British ruling through by seeding and the seed has grown into the knowledgeable tree with fragrant flower, sweet full fruit it does not taste by native people but also the foreigner. Those who are gardening the tree are Sri Aurobindo, Raja Rao, R.

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K Narayan, Rabindranath Tagore. Indian literature started tracing in the new track, with the new version like tradition, culture, myth, philosophy, human psychology, spirituals etc. sir Aurobindo is the one of the oldest and first writers in Indian English writing. All of his works were talk about the human spirituals. He also talk about human mind, body ,super mind in his famous work “The idea of human society and The Human cycle” has given clean picture about human mind in the future and which related to the social philosophy.

In the early period the drama has be only in Bengali later on sri Aurbindo ,Harindharanth chattopadhaya and Rabindranath Tagore are started produced in English language. Sak Dean Mohamad is the first writer in Indian English literature has written the book “Travel of dean Mohamat” was published on 1793 on England. R.K Narayan was one of the major writer in the Indian literature he contributed to many decades .

Salman Rushdie famous writer in Indian literature his work Midnight Children this has booker prize award. He used very rich and hybrid language in his work to convey the Indian theme. Anita Desai one of the greatest women in Indian literature.

She win Booker prize for her work three time. Her work Fire on The Mountain has win the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1978 and The Village by the Sea win the British Guardin Prize. Her daughter Kiran Desai second novel The Inheritance of loss also win the Man Booker Prize Award in 2006. Other important women writer in Indian literature like Jumpha Lahari, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, kamala Markandai, Bharathi Mukerjee, Manju Kapoor, Amitagosh,.

Indian women writer has composed many poetry and short stories in Tamil, Telugu, Malyalam, Kannada, Hindi, Punjab. He could not be able to writer


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