Internal validation measures based on previous knowledge about

Internal Validation measures for Data Streams Mining Algorithms between Micro-ClustersDr.S.Gopinathan1, Mr.L. Ramesh21Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science,University of Madras,Chennai,600005,India.2Research Scholar, Department of Computer Science,University of Madras, Chennai, 600005,India.AbstractClustering data streams has become very important method for data mining and warehousing. A common technique for evaluation of micro-clustering results is to use validity measures. In this […]

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Grey Genetic algorithm and Artificial Bee colony

Grey wolf optimization and modify Grey Wolf Optimization have been presented for optimal power flow 17, 18, and 19. moth swarm algorithm has been presented for optimal power flow 20, and 21 .Effect of DG and capacitor; Hybrid configuration of the weight improved particle swarm optimization (WIPSO) algorithm and gravitational search algorithm (GSA) called the […]

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The historians were actually studying. He mentions

The Slave Community is an interesting book. This is because this book tells us how life really was for those who were affected, also known as the slaves. Blassingame, the author, mainly focused on main points and details of this time period by teaching us what historians were actually studying. He mentions that the historians […]

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Multi and put intervention into place, outside

Multi agencies work together to support and improve children and young people’s development. Health visitor would identify problems when a child taken for checkups. It depends on the action needed the child could be referred to a speech therapist for speech and language therapy. If children or young person of school age the SENCO would […]

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The Liesel has been stealing from her.

The Book Thief. – Markus Zusak Death introduces himself as the narrator. The first time he saw the book thief in a train ,2nd time he saw her when he came for a pilot who has crashed his plane and the 3rd time was after bombing . He associates the colours with sight white, red […]

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COMPUTER the experimental group and the control

COMPUTER – BASED INSTRUCTION (CBI) AS KEY INTERVENTIONKristhyl Susvilla Estay, MaEdCity of Bogo Science and Arts Academy, Bogo CebuContact Number: 0997 9769738Abstract. The world of today is extremely changed and hooked on technology. John Dewey stated, that if teachers teach today’s learners as they taught yesterday’s, they rob them of tomorrow. His statement summed up […]

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Servant be copied as good examples by

Servant LeadershipNameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Servant LeadershipServant leadership is leadership where leaders serve their subordinates in an organization where leaders can be able to help with the responsibilities and duties associated with their subordinates (Northouse, 2013). Servant leadership is aimed at encouraging and motivating staff members in serving others which results in improved performance by the group members […]

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When and develop their ability to gain muscle

When working in a school environment you will meet many children and young people along the way. Some children and young people may have disabilities or movement disorders such as Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida and Muscular Dystrophy. Some disabilities are more mild then others. If a child or young person has undertaken an operation then […]

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Regardless and Tan in 2018, teacher’s role

Regardless of how conceptual and difficult Math is, making the teaching dynamic and open for statement will make it easier. As stated by Generalao, as cited by Andamon and Tan in 2018, teacher’s role in the teaching and learning process is very vital in the sense that student’s mathematics performance will depend on how the […]

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How assistant your own behaviour will in most

How own behaviour could promote effective interactions and how it could impact negatively with children and young people:As a teaching assistant your own behaviour will in most cases have a positive affect and influence on children and young people. Positive effect: If you are respectful, polite and tolerant, listen attentively, are kind and understanding with […]

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