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NameMUHAMMAD NAIM BIN KAMARAZAMANMatric Number1328277KulliyyahKULLIYYAH OF LANGUAGES AND MANAGEMENTDepartmentENGLISH FOR INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION (ENCOM)Course TitleSEMANTICSCourse CodeENCO 3101Name of LecturerDR. ALI AL-SAYED HASSAN AL-HALAWANISection NumberSECTION 1Date of Submission6TH OF MAY 2016 1 HYPONYMY IN IN ENGLISH AND MALAY LANGUAGES Table of Contents Acknowledgement31.0Introduction4-52.0Problem Statements53.0Research Methodology64.0Findings and Discussion6-95. 0Limitations of the Study9-106.0Conclusion107.0Reference10 Acknowledgement All praises to Allah S.W.T […]

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?The ?The first factor females perform better

?The correlations between sex differences and language learning has been a hot topic for the past and current research studies. According to many past research studies, almost all studies have shown its tendency to fall on females, who are more successful language learners than the males. Although the conclusion drawn from those researchers were not […]

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In Tomosello who is well known for

In this body of writing it will consist of the summaryof two articles and evidence supporting and evaluating their approach. The firstarticle consists of how the social pragmatic approach is the only feasibleoutlook on how children learn new words. This article is by Tomosello who iswell known for being a constructivist when regarding child languageacquisition. […]

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According comprehension of connected discourse is not known.

According to Meara (1995), there exist conflicting views among language professionals concerning the relative superiority of two approaches to learning second language vocabulary: learning words in context versus learning words out of context. Convictions are strong among many language professionals that contextualized vocabulary learning is more effective than learning words in lists. For example, Oxford […]

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The language acquisition. The aim of this study

The data will be collected from 60 senior students of Faculty of Foreign Language. The result will show the particular effects on the students and their attitudes from using Video materials in learning listening skill.The data in Fig 1 indicates that Video materials are helpful to students’ understanding the context of the listening task because […]

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From that there are recognized ‘stages’ in

From birth to adulthood, human goes through stages of acquiring new skills, and the most critical skills they acquire, and needs are languages so that he can communicate with others and express his desires and feelings. Although the learning abilities differ among people, the stages they are going through are similar, so the topic is […]

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Language system during they comprehend or produce the

Language acquisition is the process happened on the people when they learn a native or a second language (L2). While, the second language acquisition (SLA) is a certain process when the people learn a second language; language(s) learned after the first language. Stephen Krashen (2009) as one of the experts of language acquisition explained that […]

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This paper is an attempt to shed

This paper is an attempt to shed light on the notion of Second Language Acquisition (SLA) in general, and the characteristic features of optimal input that accelerate the process of L2 acquisition in particular. Here, reference is made to Krashen’s theory of SLA which emphasizes the role of comprehensible input as the most important factor […]

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