Light had its moment with the internationalism, where

Light maroonin color, it is in the shape of a space shuttle that looks poised for launch.Rivera, another commercial building, makes use of aluminum strips to formappealing geometrical forms. The city’s craze for funky design extends topublic spaces as well. The one that literally stands out is the giant fountainshaped like a tap at the Law Garden crossroads. The tap appears to be suspendedin mid-air with no visible connections or support, and yet water flows from itin a constant stream. A clever design conceals the pipe carrying the water tothe giant tap. Not just in architecture, the city has also witnessed arevolution in building materials.

From being known for its intricate sandstonejails and marble artwork, to brick and cement construction. What is also in demand, howeverimpractical it may be, is the extensive use of glass for the exterior look,despite the fact that glass traps heat, leading to higher temperature inside.w71 The city hascome a long way since the pavement of marble, wooden facades, calligraphies, cunningcraft and workmanship, beauty of color and harmony of form. It had its momentwith the internationalism, where architects believed that simple, unornamentedbuildings could lead to clean and efficient cities. The roots of architecturalrevolution in India can be traced back to this city, from beautiful aestheticsto bare walls of highly functional buildings. While some believe that it is thebest city to be living in, the fact that it is also one of the highly pollutedcities in the entire country cannot be overlooked. Although in the currentyear, about 70-80 green buildings are at various stages of certification in thecity.

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What one can hope is that the number increases in the coming years. Withthe increasing sensitivity on the pressing global issue of pollution, a fastforward city like this one is bound to change for the better. We, being thefuture architects of the nation are expected to learn from the great examplesof Corbusier and Doshi and make amendments. As it is said by Gandhi “be thechange you wish to see in the world”. But we need to wake up soon, or elsethere isn’t going to be a world to change.  w71THISSENTENCE IS LEADING TO A QUESTION! ALTER IT IF YOU CAN


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