Life is when molecules move from a high

Life depends on the ability of cells to harvest energy from importing, processing, and exporting molecules

For something to be classed as a living organism, they must possess all of the seven characteristics that are shown in the table below.

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Movement All living organisms can deliberately move their bodies or individual parts to change position.
Reproduction All living organisms are able to generate the next generation by reproducing organisms, that are the same kind as themselves.
Sensitivity All living organisms must be able to detect, and react to, the changing variables within their surroundings, internally and externally.
Growth All Living organisms develop and create adhering to particular directions coded within their genetics, allowing them to change size and shape.
Respiration The compound response that separates supplement particles in cells to produce energy.
Excretion All living organisms produce waste products.
Nutrition All living organisms requires energy. They take in nutrition to produce energy, to grow and repair.

Below is an illustration which demonstrates simple diffusion. Simple diffusion is when molecules move from a high concentration area to a low concentration area by moving down through the membrane until both areas have, more or less the same number of molecules. Molecules that travel through the simple diffusion method must be nonpolar and they must be small.

Below is an illustration which demonstrates facilitated diffusion. Facilitated diffusion is different to simple diffusion because the molecules can not go through the membrane without going through a protein channel which assists them in getting through to the membrane.

Below is an illustration that demonstrates active transport. Active transport is not the same as simple diffusion or facilitated diffusion because it requires adenosine triphosphate, which is also known as ATP. ATP is the energy that is used to assist the molecules to move from a high concentration area to a low concentration area. Active transport molecules are also different because they move against the gradient, which is why they require energy.


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