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Letters are remain in for the inside existences of the characters. To find how helpful the letters are in ‘Pride and Prejudice’, we have to take a glance at the historical backdrop of letter composing. Jane Austen’s novel, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ was composed in 1813. The primary type of correspondence at that point was by letters. They used to send their mail sent via Mail Coach. Despite the fact that you could send the mail by ‘express’, which was the place you would pay an additional cash to have your mail sent speedier. Like, Mr. Gardiner’s letter in section 44 was sent by express. There were no different envelopes so letters were collapsed and the address would be composed on the back, regularly they would seal it utilizing wax. In the event that the letter was private then the author may have made an envelope which would be produced using paper that can be folded. In section 35 Darcy creates an envelope for his letter to Elizabeth to on the grounds that it is so long. The paper would have been very costly in Jane Austen’s opportunity, so in order to save paper the who is writing would write in the edges ensuring they spent each space upon the paper.


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