Leininger A systematic way to discover knowledge

Leininger Defined Theory As :
The key to unlocking cultural competence in a healthcare setting for a nation with such a rich historical past and a culturally diverse future.
A systematic way to discover knowledge about something or to account for some vaguely known phenomenon.
The theory must take into account the cultural beliefs, behaviors, caring and values of individuals, families and group to provide effective, satisfying and culturally congruent nursing care.
The main goal of theory was to provide meaningful and effective nursing care services to people according to their cultural values and health-illness context.

To use research findings to provide a safe culturally congruent care that is meaningful to varying clients.

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To offer therapeutic measures in line with cultural practices, ideas, and beliefs of a patient or group of patients.
Dr. Madeleine Leininger introduced the theory of Transcultural Nursing as she recognized its need in :
Increased migration.

Cultural stress (for nurses).

Cultural stress (for patients or families).

Inappropriate treatments and interventions due to cultural misunderstandings.


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