Lazada is to make sure or position new

Lazada used the Google’s target outranking share bid strategy to increase its website traffic because their target customers are consumers that accessing the internet. Frankly, strategy called target outranking share used by Lazada, which the online retailer be able to outrank its others competitors on strategic key search words.

The outranking share bid strategy target is to allow freely companies to control either to maintain or raises and also lower their bids up a cost-per-click specified maximum with the objective of “outranking” those of others. In general, their ads show above other domains’ ads on search results pages or better yet, to show when others’ ads don’t. This technique is to make sure or position new categories of the Lazada keywords. The opportunity to bid against strategic competitors, traffic and securing visibility offered by the team make the strategy more convenient. It will enabled Lazada to specify the maximum cost-per-click it was willing to pay by using the strategy thereby mantaining the cost necessary to push out competitors’ domains.

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