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Later in his life, as teenager his racial perplexity results in McBride hiding from his emotions, relying only on the anger. McBride also fell into a phase of drug use and crime. This is fueled by, not only the changing emotions that teenagers typically endure, but also by the death of his stepfather, whom he saw as his own father. After his death, McBride cannot bear to see his mother suffer, since she no longer knows how to control the dynamics of the family. McBride instead turns to alcohol and drugs, dropping out of school to play music and go around with his friends, who McBride refers to as “my own process of running, emotionally disconnecting myself from her, as if by doing so I could keep her suffering from touching me.”(McBride 138) Instead of turning to his family, McBride spent as much time away from home as possible absolving himself of all responsibility. As a result, Ruth sends McBride to live with his older half sister and her husband, in an attempt to straighten her son’s life. McBride distracts himself with the life he found there, spending the summers on a street corner with his half-sister’s husband, Big Richard, Chicken man and other men. Chicken Man was McBride’s favorite local man, and the one from whom he learned the most. While McBride was working at the gas station, he got in a fight with his boss’s friend and was fired. McBride ranted to Chicken Man about his wish for a gun. Chicken Man recognized his failures in life, and urged McBride to educate himself and work hard. This talk inspired McBride to act more responsibly, he grew more self-disciplined, honing his writing and musical skills.

In the article, “Identity Formation in adolescence”, it states that personality development is not just a change in someone’s traits; it’s also changes in other areas of person. One major area that can change is a person’s identity. The author further explains that shaping someone’s identity is seen as a huge part of a person adolescent years, but major changes in a person’s personality also happen during adolescence. The author’s view throughout the article is focused on variables and classification. Pertaining to identity formation, more recent models to measure identity formation and discuss the importance of studying identity formation on a daily-basis are described.This is shaped by the way in which some individual experiences attractions.

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