Lack implementation of the project/s. Poor communication, marketing

Lack of internal stakeholder management in that, there is no proper communication between the various departments working internally in the organisation. The various departments are not well aligned to work together in similar projects.No project integration system of projects between the different divisions in place as Project managers find it difficult working with many divisions because each division manipulates the project milestones to projects without discussing with the project manager first, ultimately leading the project managers to feel less motivated.

Marketing team undermines the capability of the various departments involved in the implementation of the project as they sometimes take lateral decisions without consulting the other departments, and even the main department which has been assigned with the project has been overlooked by the marketing department. The marketing department has created an environment in the organisation that makes other departments feel as if they are not relevant in the development and implementation of the project/s.Poor communication, marketing team again seem to work independently, this is evident as they tend to push the milestones in order to benefit them and they also cancel projects without informing the project manager. The communication between the departments involved in the project/s is not effective because there are no formal means of communication between the various departments to ensure that the project/s becomes a success.

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