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Lack of good education also exists in China and South Asia. In Pakistan, only one third of children can complete primary education; 25 million children lose school time because of Taliban attacks on schools. The Pakistani government should take urgent protective measures to ensure school safety. They need to investigate the assailants who are attacking schools, students and teachers. Government forces sometimes occupy educational facilities as military bases. Once these places are used for the military, the risk of attack for these educational facilities will increase. The government should direct Pakistani security forces to prohibit the military from using the schools. Malnutrition in Indian children is almost twice as much as in Africa. The female literacy rate is only half. Because of gender discrimination, although girls account for 40% of the total number of students in primary schools, it’s very hard for girls to complete eight years of legal education. There is a worsening disparity of wealth and poverty. In rural areas, the quality of teaching and environment is very poor.


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