Lab of Air Transport Management, 61, 73-80. Baker,

Lab 2
Sf express is an express delivery enterprise mainly engaged in international and domestic express delivery business. Sf express is one of the fastest delivery companies in China’s express delivery industry.
From 1993 to 2016, SF became the fastest express delivery company in China with its main business of traditional express delivery and guaranteed delivery time.
Starting in 2017, SF conducted enterprise transformation and equipment updates. Sf joined AI to make the logistics tracking and inventory, also took over most of China cold chain pharmaceutical logistics market. Although the initial input cost of the pharmaceutical market is really a lot, the future income are huge. For the development of cold chain pharmaceutical logistics, SF occupied a huge Chinese market.In addition, SF is expanding its delivery services to lots of countries such as the United States, Japan and most of countries overseas. (Yu, Yang ; Yu, 2017). Cold chain logistics has become a key research area, and infrastructure construction such as cold storage and refrigerated vehicles is proceeding rapidly. With the expansion of SF cold chain and the progress of technology, the industry regulation and integration will be further improved. Also, the warehouse automation system helps companies to establish an all-seasons inventory and working system, which means is good for the products to keep fresh, so that can significantly increasing the warehousing turnover rate. (Baker ; Halim, 2007).

Yu, S., Yang, Z., ; Yu, B. (2017). Air express network design based on express path choices–Chinese case study. Journal of Air Transport Management, 61, 73-80.
Baker, P., ; Halim, Z. (2007). An exploration of warehouse automation implementations: cost, service and flexibility issues. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 12(2), 129-138.

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