Kristal her cap, her beauty and warmth

Kristal Biggart
Ap Literature & Composition
Rough Draft

I.The character hester prynne in The Scarlet Letter is a prime example of Hawthorne’s common transformation of individuals within his books these mutations involve the qualities and attributes of her physical appearance, feminine emotions and reputation among the townspeople. Throughout the novel the mentioned elements of hester’s character develop and change several times which provides the reader with a better understanding of the characters.
II.In the novel the scarlet letter hester prynne the main character is frowned upon by the townspeople because she committed adultery.Hester is described in the first scene as a tall woman with a “figure of perfect elegance on a large scale.” Her most distinctive feature is her “dark and overflowing hair, so glossy that it threw off the sunshine with a gleam”.The used this description of her as foreshadowing because later on in the novel they described hester’s appearance after her punishment. “Her beautiful hair is hidden under her cap, her beauty and warmth are gone, buried under the burden of the elaborate scarlet letter on her bosom”. The people in her town basically shunned her and threw her in jail. When released from jail hester reunited with her 3 month old baby the product of her “sin” and “adultery”. This is the beginning of hester’s transformation. Once her sin is exposed the townspeople immediately start to look and treat her differently. She was even forced to wear a big red “A” on her chest standing for her crime of adultery. This shows a lot of Hester’s traits and personality through all of the bashing and disrespect hester still stayed strong and didn’t break. A trait that describes hester the best is strength. In her mind and heart. This is what makes her so unique an attracting to everyone.The author leads you to believe that the strength was always deep down inside but the scarlet letter just help bring it out.

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