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Knowledge is like a ship, anyone who knows how to sail, will go far. This is the ideology I have always believed in. On this philosophy, I have engaged myself with so many different technologies to grasp the best knowledge I can. Still, I have an eagerness to gain more. The best place to enhance the overall skills will be where dexterous people with brilliant minds are practicing and implementing their knowledge for the betterment of others. I am the first person in my whole family who has gained a graduation degree.

I still remember I was quite fascinated by the television in my school days. I used to fabricate some theories; about how television is functioning inside, how can a box show us such magnificent pictures. Finally, I opened our old television when we bought a new color TV. But I could not understand how some tubes and a glass screen can do that. The same kind of novice actions I performed with other electronic goods but was not able to understand them completely. In my final year of schooling, I learned about logic gates, capacitor, and resistor. I used to enjoy these subjects the most. At that time I didn’t have any access to a computer, neither in school nor in-house. So when it came to making one of the most important decisions of my life I could not resist myself to choose Electronic and Communication as my stream of graduation.

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During my undergraduate studies, I acquired the fundamentals of various subjects like TV Engineering, VLSI Design, Digital Design, Analog and Digital Communications, Artificial Intelligence, Microprocessors, Fundamentals of Computer and programming, Radar Communication and Microwave Engineering. All these subjects provided me with a strong knowledge of the theoretical concepts of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

For summer Internship, I joined the Agile Enterprise Pvt. Ltd, which is an embedded system based company that typically deals in the design and manufacturing of speedometers. I gained a lot from this association, in particular, an idea of how satisfying and significant a career in the technology could be. I had a deep insight into the architecture, and working of microcontrollers and the embedded C-programming. Many times, I spent more than 8 the hours a day at the company office, writing different codes to operate the embedded hardware. I designed the ‘RFID system for Car parking System’ by commingling it with GPS. I was successfully awarded Completion Certificate.

A sharp turn occurred in my thinking process when I qualified for Internship in a Company called Tevatron Technology Pvt. Ltd. during last Semester of graduation. Tevatron is an IT company which deals in Embedded and VLSI System Design. I joined as a VLSI Intern. As an Intern, I had to learn the different HDL(Hardware Descriptive Language) Programming Languages used in chip designing Industry and Implement those in the internal as well as in live Projects. I learned different Programming Languages including Verilog, System Verilog and shell scripts. I used to sit all day writing and solving bugs in the programs. Although work was related to the electronic field, unconsciously I was totally into programming, at that time I started to enjoy the codes much more than my mainstream field. I also learned Web Designing during that period as my new field of interest.


After successfully completing the Internship I decided to refuse the job offer as VLSI Developer and decided to work in the field of Information technology. I started to do freelancing; I developed few websites for some of my clients. I did the same for few months meanwhile, I realized that my knowledge of the IT world is much limited and I am unaware of the true potential of the field. I was a programmer; I wanted to be a developer.

The opportunity I was waiting for came in form of C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing). It is a premier research and development organization of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEIT) for carrying out research and development in the field of IT, Electronics and associated areas. It is the same organization that developed India’s first Super Computer names “Param” in 1991. I gave the exam for C-DAC. The subject of the examination consisted of programming language, mathematics, data structure and many more computer-related subjects. I ranked among top 100 candidates. I joined the C-DAC headquarter called ACTS in Pune, Maharashtra. There, I got real exposure to what is going in the IT industry. I got the chance to learn all computer-related fields from working professional of different IT companies. It was the most awaited time of my life. I was learning and implementing the knowledge at the same time. The whole diploma was so hectic that we used to spend around 15 hours a day in the institute. Sometimes I slept there too. I learned so many new things in that short duration of 6 months.

I developed ‘online drive and media streaming portal MyDrive as my final project using J2EE technologies. We were the team of four members. This portal facilitates users to store their data online. They can view their documents and files online, play saved music and videos as well. We implemented Search engine Apache Solr for indexing purpose. We used the industrial standards and agile methodology to develop the software in short duration of one month.

After completing my diploma, I started working for Yash Technologies Pvt. Ltd., which offered me a job in their research and development team. That is basically working in the field of Big Data and Machine Learning. I joined the team in September, and since then I have worked on different research projects. I have worked on our company’s big data solution engine called ‘Solution Accelerator’. This engine basically provides all the data processing facilities, including ingesting data from different sources, exploring, cleaning, visualization, machine learning predictions on data and model deployment, building workflow pipelines and analysis. This project gave me a great insight of Big Data and Machine learning. Currently, I am implementing platform independent Enterprise Data Lake.  I have hands-on different cloud platforms including AWS, Azure. Also, I have worked on different programming languages and databases in different projects including Scala, advanced Java, Python, Spark, MySQL, Oracle, NoSQL and many more.

Working for full time doesn’t really leaves a person with the energy or the time required to work for their dreams. Whatever time I get after I devote it towards my own project, which is basically a mobile application. For a brief idea, this app will collect data of user’s physical activities through sensors and input text fields. The app will collect data and a machine learning model will give the predictions of their diet plan and activity level.

 I think my journey from a programmer to a developer is still incomplete. The invention of Television was the result of curiosity of many brilliant minds, I think I have the curiosity, the only thing missing is the extensive knowledge, and this is the basic reason behind my decision of pursuing a master. I want to grasp more knowledge through university curriculum and my own implementations.  I plan to enhance my software development and machine learning skills by implementing the knowledge I will gain while studying in your University.

What better place to pursue a degree in computer science than a country which is world’s most educated country and comes under the top nations contributing in the computer science– Canada. The balance between theoretical and practical knowledge makes programs more significant, which I found absent in the courses provided in my country. A country with great cultural diversity will definitely provide the true international exposure.

While I am working on different technologies, I know I have potential to do more. I want to pursue a Masters in Computer science as I want to contribute to the field of Information Technology. I think one of the best places I can find for my masters is the University of Victoria which is one of the top 200 Universities in the world.  As University is working in the research areas of Big Data & Machine Learning and Software Engineering with many masters of the field, I can find the best knowledge in the respective fields to achieve my Goals. I want to learn more from your university and implement more while I learn. I believe I have the potential to do something different in the IT industry. I just need proper guidance and a supportive environment. Both of these can be found at the University of Victoria. I sincerely hope you consider me deserving of this opportunity.


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