Klaus put his victims’ families and friends

Klaus was forced on therapy in prison as a part of his recovery program due to a severe personality disorder. He is serving time for the crimes and murders of many, many innocent souls. His crimes involved hundreds of people, including his family.

All his victims suffered and lost their lives after extreme torture. He seemed rather upset and irritated at being forced to attend the sessions, but he tries to cope with it. Although he claims he’s eager to heal and reform himself among normative society, I still can feel the dishonesty in his manipulative stares and vocals. When I ask him how he feels watching his victims suffer and die, he hardly suppresses an urge to smile but denies it afterwards: his victims are aware of death and it could come in any form, this is the way he would let them leave the world. Then, he begins to attack: aren’t psychiatrists supposed to be unbiased? as he complains I’m a vicious and brutal psychiatrist. He looks at me completely confused when I ask him why he does what he does.

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“For fulfilling my desire of course” – he mumbles impatiently but then recomposes himself: “God had this planned for them, I was only the doer.” He describes how he chooses his typical victims as “ones with a lot of excitement about life and future in their eyes.” He’s one with no remorse and regret.

Before he kills, he asks about their fears, mostly to make them come true. He wishes no less than to see humans live in their own nightmares. That’s the last thing he desires for them to witness. Then, I wondered what he thought about the grief and misery he had put his victims’ families and friends into – “Why do you think I would care about that? It’s not like they matter anyways.”Klaus had a strange love-hate relationship with his mother when he was a child. She was a drug addict who often disciplined and controlled him. In his early teens, he began to take his revenge by hurting her when she was high.

This activated an act of aggression towards almost everyone he knew, including his family and beloved ones. Also, his urge of slaughter had increased when he started killing animals as a way to get pleasure. When he was 15, he was reported by the neighbors about breaking into their house and stealing. Before any footage of the stealing scene inside the house was shown, he had denied and lied about it.


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