Key which help to push the goods

Key objectives on Got Milk campaign
The key objectives of Got Milk Campaign is that to motivate the customers to have a drink milk day to day daily so that it could keep their body healthy according to the CMPB’s formation. This is because customers are nowadays drink other beverages mostly on soft drink in market trading by which people especially children that resulted on sales declining on milk (Aefcom. (2018). In order to prevent this, Got Milk should change the consumer behavior (Slidesharenet. (2018)) on pricing as it involved on marketing mix which support in making an income and it help to represent the product and services on consumers in term of they are willing to purchase on their goods and services. Marketing is also part on consumer behavior mainly on advertisement as it involved different types of advertising such as newspapers, TV and others which help to push the goods and services so that large audiences could be created. Another objective is to stop the declining on sales (Slidesharenet. (2018)) by repositioning the product with a method of using promotional services and make own product typically on targeting that make attempt to urge other segment to have a view on product and services by coming up with a new outlook so that market awareness could be made to help to create an offering attractive comprehensive swath market.

Roles on specific functions

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Improve overall image of the dairy industry
According to the case study of Got Milk, it stated that even though the sales of milk are decreasing, there are also people drinking milk that have reached about 70% which show an improvement on milk consumption. However, Got milk wanted to further repossess on increase the milk followed by the large declining due to large increasing expand on other beverages especially on soft drinks (Berkeleyedu. (2018). In order to prevent and make an upgrading, Got Milk make use of an advertisement organization called Goodby to support it to advertise their goods which means to inform and persuade their customers so that sales could be increased. But, there are some required on the agency which consisted of 6 advert in order to start up the strategy. “Aaron Burr featured an odd and seemingly irrelevant situation for milk deprivation was a big success” (Berkeleyedu. (2018)). By that time, milk consumption started to rise up to 750 million gallons compared to 740 during last year. Hence, new trademark was introduced called GOT MILK.
Additionally, the need of idea by Got Milk is that it wanted to link with food as well as celebrities for example, famous person while milk is selling. For example, enable the people to have milk drinking when they eat food (Berkeleyedu. (2018)). So, it decide to use co-branding, a marketing strategy that is use to make an alliances with other brand names on goods and services in order to establish trust in order for their business to have increase on brand while making an alliances with other company.
On the other hand, although advertisement is being used, it seem that teenager with the age of between 12-18 are still target on other beverages that maintain the same result on decreasing on milk consumption. To overcome this, Goodby try to use make use of the advertisement to target young people so that milk could be expanding. By that time, advertising has reached to the teenagers which create the favour among the young people (Aefcom. (2018)).
Applied Marketing mix to their marketing campaign and marketing planning
By looking through the case study, it stated that McDonald is trying to do promotion by persuading people to purchase their goods through both online and offline. This is because it could be comfortable for the customers to have easy connection between employees and customers so that customers respond could be make within a shorter time. Moreover, McDonald is trying to have more positively communication for the food in order to have sensible regarding our food. Furthermore, social media especially Internet is now easy accessible for consumers whereby they could make an effective conservation that could reach large number of customers and it is inexpensive compare to other method of advertisements. There is also the process by which McDonald use of frequently answering questions to encourage customers to know what they are focusing on (Amaorg. (2018)).
Got Milk is concern about poor manage on packaging which it need to upgrade its package with a good design so that customers could have a benefit on it (Aefcom. (2018)). For example, packaging play an important role on marketing mix on product which detail information could be given to the customers on how the ingredient being used or the way of using it to support brand of product. In addition, it should make quality and design with different color on their packaging so that it benefit from attracting consumers guide. Without a good packaging meaning there would be insufficient on package that could lead to destroy Got Milk product images. Thus, it could support by protecting their goods by distinguishing it from which objectives could be reached (Quoracom. (2018)).
Based on Manning, he mentioned that CMFB need to have promotion advertisement by using Internet. However, there is seen to have a considering if it could hold the attention on customers. There are also people on marketing mix so that they could have video on how they make the product.
Marketing planning link to marketing mix on McDonald
Role ; responsibilities
Roles are number of people that are participate in taking their decisions in an organizations while responsibilities means a particular task that are required by the member to be completed (Quoracom. (2018)).
Firstly, McDonald link with human resource on recruitment process basically on price and promotion because they required large number of staff in order to dealing with their customers. Although it is time-consuming and expensive, it is cheaper on using internal process of recruitment as well as it could hire outsider staff on external method. It could also advertise other form of advertisements like TV and internet as McDonald is usually finding for staff with a skilled that organization is trying to concentrate on (Ukessayscom. (2018)). Secondly, McDonald link with budgeting towards people especially employees which indicate that it is an important tools for poor working conditions that remain out of money. When coming to workers with a low income or low paid, prove to be fact of overworking particularly other operator that refuse to give salaries whereby budget is inaccessible (Tyler falk. (2018)). Additionally, it link with operation towards people and product so that its goals can be reached in order to maintain the performances. In the operation, it is create by top management which enforce and assign all the McDonald branches in the written form whereby there would be an operating manager to manage all the operation activities. It also indicate that McDonald need to emphasize the consequences towards customers as well as fulfill the customers. “As the company has increased using the information technology, it has developed new ideas to improve the operational activities of the business.” (Ukessayscom. (2018)). (Ukessayscom. (2018)).

Got Milk

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