Karic was an award winning architect and

Karic Amer 2A
Prof. Azur Ramic
BSAD 200
Why are we losing all our good people?
Case Study Analysis
Diagnosis of the issues
In the management of the Sambian Partners there were three major issues:
Problems with leadership
Poor leader to employee relationship with communication barriers
Lack of recognition and motivation
Problems with leadership
Helen inherited the position of a CEO from her father. Although she was an award winning architect and very passionate about the firm, she was extremely overwhelming and lacked leadership skills. Personally I believe that she is not suitable for a role of CEO. My first impression of her is that she is impulsive, quick tempered and impatient. Her lack of long-term vision and decision making skills is another issue that should be fixed.
Helen bypassed the suggestion of Mary and ignored the long term impacts of her decision of promoting Adrienne on other employees. In addition, Helen failed to empower leadership and preferred to make decisions on her own. When problems came up she did not call a group meeting to involve every senior manager in. Instead of exam the true motivations of employee’s departures with the team, she made the judgment based on her instincts and feelings.

Poor leader to employee relationship with communication barriers
In addition of leadership problems, Sambian Partners has communication gaps and poor quality of leader-employee exchange. According to chitchat among associates from engineering department, Tom’s proposal was turned down by the head of sales and no one was there to defend him, thus discouraging him to continue his stay at Sambian.
Lack of recognition and motivation
Sambian’s leaders did not spend their time and effort to create a culture for their key shareholders and employees to feel a sense of commitment and connection. The only thing tying them up was money. In this case, as one of the top talents in the industry, Tom’s hard work and value was under appreciated by the management. They failed to transform recognition into action. Upon his leave, the company still did not offer him a promotion and a clear career path. With no motivation and complete disconnection from the leadership, Tom and other talents have no reason to stay, once better opportunities show up.

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The conclusion
Firstly, I would recommend the company to hire a group of consultants and a professional CEO to help run the company since Helen’s current management skills and leadership style is not suited for the role as a CEO. Meanwhile, Helen should form a committees with senior managers and consultants to develop her management skills, improve her weaknesses and reestablish leadership. Mary and other senior managers also have to participate in the committees and engage the improvement program. She must make sure everyone on management positions understand creating a value proposition and retaining employees as a common goal for everyone.
Secondly, I recommend to break traditional organization hierarchy and build informal communication channels. The company should create a work environment conducive to employees speaking openly about their problems and concerns. The management should also give feedback and share thoughts and consideration with employees when proposals have been turned down. The management should realize that money is not the only motivation to keep the employees happy. The should study the hierarchy of needs and invest more time in their employees and consistently appreciate their contributions. A clear and fair career development path will be given to every employee. I recommend Sambian that they should take a gap research on the market and see the gap between itself and its rival and learn from it.


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