Kapur as a glowing complexion and black hair

Kapur adeptly brings out the groundwork of the college in late India through the high regard of Nina who riveting the eyes on the college tennis court with its stain wire fencing, and grungy red-brick building via the window. The unsanitary condition and lack of water in college are seen in the strained broken sink, washing tea mugs in it, and hesitant drops overflowing from the tap. The Crowds of transport in India is agreeably depicted that the seat would be beaten and controlled by fortunate few.Kapur points out Marriage as the social pressure on Indian woman like Nina who hopelessly longs for marriage. Though she as a glowing complexion and black hair that tried to diminish her age but failed as a neat row of plants in red pots in front of her house that tried to banish the hideousness with glistening green leaves and occasional flowers.

In literature, an Indian classical writer has paid tribute to monsoon season. It is an age of desire, love, and camaraderie. Kapur used urban monsoon while denoting the visit of an astrologer. Nina`s mother was happy at this proposal but not Nina she was hopeless and mourned that dead authors were only men in her life.

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With this depiction, Nina was wet with perspiration so she scrubs away the dirt of an urban monsoon day. Her attitude towards finding her companion is revealed she void of men but secretly she yearns for a companion.kapur exhibit how individuals in Delhi the view month of July.

Nina hates this month due to alteration in monsoon. In Delhi, July is the wettest month, the day swings between dry winter and wet summer climate. It is almost enclosed with thunderstorm which is brilliantly traced by the author that Nina looks intently at the dirty glass window.


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