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Justin AkridgeCode of the StreetsJuvenile Delinquency8/22/18Code of the Streets does an amazing job of describing the overall causes and effects of juvenile delinquency.

It goes over topics like social engagement/behaviors, drugs, and juvenile delinquency as a whole. These are very prevalent issues in our world today, and I feel that Code of the Street explains these topics on a level that is clear and understandable. During this essay I will be talking about how the book describes delinquency and social theory overall.The introduction chapter goes over the racially mixed communities in the areas around Philadelphia. It goes on about how the racially separate neighborhoods have different crime rates throughout the city which correlates with the race of the people living in those areas.

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The neighborhoods that had less crime were of course predominantly white neighborhoods. It also states that this is the part of town where the good restaurants and stores are due to the non-violence in these areas. On the contrary more racially mixed communities had much higher crime rate and had many run down buildings and low level fast food restaurants. The population of these people also were poor and had low income jobs. While this is pretty much common knowledge it sets up the rest of the book for these causes of crime and what determines poverty.The book really wants to determine what causes African-American dominant communities to be so dominant.

Whether it be not enough public services to help them out or not enough jobs for the public these things can be used to increase the anger of the public. This can lead to people resorting to prostitution or drug trafficking to put food on their tables and feed their children. Code of the Street does a good job of describing how a domino effect can end up happening between these two sides (police/civilians), and can cause very unneeded violence in certain areas.


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