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Justlike many other professions in the world today, Pharmacy has the power tochange people’s lives. From dispensing over-the-counter medicines to thedelivery of life-changing drugs to cure various diseases, the weight of eachindividual’s wellbeing hangs heavily on pharmacist’s shoulders. To become partof a large healthcare system which delivers outstanding practice each day opensdoors for many opportunities for my future, and the possibilities are endless. One thing that remains constant for a pharmacist isthe passion to help sick patients understand more about their medicines. Manypatients rely on drugs in their daily lives, but only a few know why. For thisreason, I wish to study pharmacy in order to one day be able to provide expertadvice to patients and produce the best quality of care.InBiology, I have particularly enjoyed learning about the importance of biologicalmolecules in all living things and how thesemolecules affect the body.

Additionally, Chemistry has given meknowledge of the composition of different molecules and the properties of theirfunctional groups, which is an essential part of Pharmacy as a career. Thisalso allowed me to see how Chemistry works in the real world. Also I havelearnt important skills such as recording accurate observations and thenevaluating and analysing these results. These are vital skills needed for all Pharmacistsand that I’m sure will assist me well during my time at university. Equally,Psychology has given me an understanding about the psychological effects ofdrugs, such as the antidepressants SSRI’s, and also the role of other neurotransmittersand hormones. This will play a key part in working out dosages and calculating quantitiesof ingredients. I am satisfied that the skills I have gained will be applicableto many problems occurring in Pharmacy such as educating patients on how toself-administer drugs, the use of prescriptions and strengthening patient’s knowledgeof drug use. I am confident that what I have learnt will compliment my chosencareer.

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Attendinga medical conference allowed me to expand my knowledge on good nutrition. Inparticular, a seminar relating to our health outlined the importance our dietsand lifestyle choices has on our quality of life. My work experience at acommunity pharmacy was an informative experience. I was able to interact withcustomers and also help them with their enquiries, developing my communicationskills. This gave me a valuable insight into how pharmacy is becoming more firmlyfocused on building a strong relationship between pharmacist and patient. I wasfortunate enough to undertake an observational pharmacy placement with PrincessAlexandra Hospital. I observed departments such as dispensary along with wardrounds and saw how outpatient prescriptions were dispensed by a numberedticketing system.

In-patient medications were made directly to various wards wherethe drug charts and medical history of each patient were checked. Workingwith different members of staff is how I got to understand the significance of teamwork and its importance in creating a better working environment for staff aswell as patients. I was able to gain a real awareness of everyday life inmedical situations and also improve my organisationalskills.Forthe past 4 years, I have been playing the keyboard which has become a keyfactor in me developing a more persistent attitude to life, allowing me tobring my focus into a more positive activity and excel in my studies.I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead of me and I’mready to commence the next stage of my academic life. I believe thatI will go above and beyond my capabilities during my time at university;allowing me to express and develop my abilities in my chosen field.



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