Juan explanations regarding their cultural reasons behind how

Juan Medina UrregoJournal Response 1My journal response to “The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria” expresses several problems she suffered due to the misleading stereotypes propagated by the media in order to influence others.

Cofer showed many stereotypes on how Latin American women have been misunderstood and unfairly showed by those outside their own culture. She uses a lot of experiences from her own life, as well as an insight into her culture.  This was written to show the unfairness of the stereotype forced up to Latin American women and to educate those not of Latin American descent about some of why they do what they do. My thoughts on this article are that the intended audience is anyone who buys into this stereotype, to she is admonishing towards. Her explanations regarding their cultural reasons behind how they dress, employed use of the logos style, appealing to the audience’s logic to understand how, when women dress that way back home, and so they know that they will not be taken advantage of because of their cultural and religious traditions and beliefs.

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