Journey single mothers (must mention this) My

Journey of a Single Mother
Dedicated to all single mothers (must mention this)

My thoughts slowly drifting away
Like a ship leaving the harbor into the horizon
As i stare at my mother
Admiring her beauty
The subtle wrinkles on her face
The strands of grey hair between her beautiful curls
The veins running through her skin
A true beauty she is

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Flashes of memories strike my mind
Like lightning striking the peaceful waters
All the challenges she has faced
Like an athlete jumping over a hurdle
One by one just to finish the race

A life she has known
Consisting of unfortunate sudden events,
Like stepping on stones to cross a river
Only to find one stone, a viscous crocodile
Or swimming in calm waters
Only to be hit by a storm

Bruised and beaten
But she has never given up
“I am a strong woman”
She must shout to herself
A reminder
As she stares at the mirrror
Reflecting a tired soul
A soul that has been worn out
By the struggles and the misfortunes

Sleepless nights she must have had
The worry of a mother
Like a mother bear towards her cubs
Alone she must feel
With every obstacle thrown at her
The isolation she faces each day
To endure the hardships of life itself

Every day, a challenge
As she lays there
Gathering the little strength she has left
Keeping the small burning flame in her

Deep breaths, she says to herself
Images of her children
As the oil to her burning flame
Her soul reborn
As she faces her demons
In her shining armor and a sword stronger than diamond
My mother
Always my knight
My saviour

A mothers love
Strong like iron
Steer you wrong
It will never
Warm, even in the shades
A safe haven
Like an inlet for ships and small boats

She builds her own bridges
To cross over anything
Overcoming every obstacle
Like building a never ending train track
A safe and smooth path for a train
The train that holds her treasures
Her children

A single mother
Overcoming the stereotypes
The built up insecurities
The worry and fear
The stress creeping into her mind
The rumors
The murmurs
From the cowards who will never understand
The true hardship of a single mother

Her struggles always invisible
Her sufferings never shown
Her worries all within her
As she hides all
With the mask of strength
And masks all darkness
To light up
The world of her children

The flashes of memories fade away
The image of my mother clear again
Like cloudy waters becoming crystal clear
All her sacrifices made clear
A proud lioness emerges before me

The spirit of an underdog
Against all odds
A strong woman she is
Facing all challenges
Building a life she can call her own
Through her own sweat and bruises
Believing in the woman she has grown to be
Unbreakable now she stands

I am proud
To be raised by a single mother
To have someone to look up to
To learn the strength of a woman first hand
To follow her independence and confidence
To understand the true meaning of love and selflessness
And to have the compassion she has

I am here today
As the woman I am
Because of the woman who raised me
My mother
My love and my strength
I will always love and appreciate all you have done
Because without you
I would not be here


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