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Josie King was an eighteen month old infant who died due to medical errors of dehydration and misused narcotics. The lack of communication lost this innocent baby her life and caused lots of emotional pain to her family. Everyone in the medical department must communicate with each other so situations like Josie Kings does not occur as often as it does. Why is communication important? Between 48,000 and 98,000 hospitalized patients die each year due to medical errors.

All of these deaths are happening just because medical staff are not interacting properly. The smallest mistake can cost someone their life. Whether it is just the misunderstanding of what medicine to give the patient or even neglecting the patient, These simple errors are causing multiple deaths in the U.S. each year. By listening and communicating accordingly, we can save multiple lives.

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There are many obstacles that can get in the way of good communication, but there are also many solutions to those obstacles. Some examples of those barriers are personal, cultural, physical, and environmental. Personal barriers drawbacks between the person and the success they want to achieve. Cultural barriers is when someone is unable to understand someone else’s culture or customs. Physical barriers are normally when someone is not able to achieve their goal due to a physical disability or injury. Lastly, environmental barriers are setbacks because of time, climate, space, or noise.

There are many solutions to these communication barriers that would not only cause less complications, but also save many lives. If working in the medical field is something one would like to do, it is very important that they have precise communication skills. Deaths caused by medical errors can be reduced tremendously just by simply being alert. This problem is way too common than it should be, and must be fixed at once.


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