Josh economies suffer during and after terror attacks.

Josh PintericsMs. BukowskiWorld Literature18 December 2017Terror in the Public Eye    Terrorism- It is the act of producing fear within a society for political gain. It is the figurative destroyer of the world. It destroys everything we take for granted. It destroys our homes.

It destroys the people we love the most; our family and friends. More importantly, it takes a strong and prosperous society and then beats it down into a heap of rubble. Essentially, the reality of terrorism is the biggest challenge we as humans face in modern world.    The historical context of terrorism is important when understanding the source of such evil. The Palestinians were angry being that “…international terrorism flowed directly from the profound changes wrought by the 1967 War” (Byman).

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Historians give us a clue to what went down,  “…Bruce Hoffman dates modern international terrorism to July 22, 1968, when the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), hijacked an Israeli El Al flight traveling from Rome to to Tel Aviv.” (Byman). From this, one may assume that the Palestinians could be held responsible.

The Palestinians thought they would gain attention if they made themselves known to the world. They had an agenda and tried to find other ways to pursue it (Byman).    Our economy as well as other economies suffer during and after terror attacks.

Sean Ross claims that terrorism “…can destroy billions of dollars’ and senselessly kill thousands of productive workers.

” (Ross).  Not only that but terrorism can make tourist rates drop at an exponential level. This in turn could account for the money being lost in some countries. It can be so damaging that “…

terrorism hurts international trade.” (Ross). In other words, it can affect each and every one of us on an astonishing level.    The mental effects brought on by terrorism have a profound effect on many individuals. Antonius informs us that “Research has also found an increase in psychiatric symptoms among people living in a city when it is attacked.” (Antonius). After an attack “Many people reported relatively high levels of perceived threat to self and other, and a more negative view of the world.

” (Antonius). This is important when considering one’s feelings towards another country or countries. Fortunately, “The threat of terrorism does not, of course have the same effect on everyone.” (Antonius).

Many people have different personality traits that would affect the reaction of a certain individual. For example, one individual could be very strong-minded and in turn exhibit nothing out of the ordinary. On the contrary, another person could be so mentally damaged that they wouldn’t be able to function in their day to day lives.

However, “Further research suggests that this increase is temporary” (Antonius). This may be true but “An underlying sense of fear can linger for years after an attack.” (Antonius).     Unfortunately, the Islamic State uses heinous acts to carry out terror attacks. The use of children as terrorists is the newest strategy for terrorism (Dorell).

This means that anyone has the potential to be a terrorist regardless of age. Countries of the world found out that “The United Nations documented in April that 362 children were recruited to fight in Syria-274 by the Islamic State.”(Dorell). The strategy of the Islamic State is “To desensitize them to violence”. Children are “shown videos of beheadings, attend a live beheading”(Dorell).

Young children should never be exposed to this kind of violence. It takes away their innocence that children have always been known to have. These children who are “Today’s victims are tomorrow’s terrorists, and no one will view them as victims anymore.” (Dorell). But, it is not easy to convince children to join horrible organizations such as the Islamic State.

I.S. fighters convince children that it’s “hip” to do by giving them candy, toys, and other miscellaneous items that children always want (Dorell).    The deaths of innocent people is commonplace is terror inflicted countries.

In these countries life is taken away too soon. In fact, “More countries experienced at least one terrorism-related death in 2016 than any other year since 2001, with 77 countries affected-11 more than 2015.” (Brown). That being said, “99% of all terrorism-related deaths in the past 17 years have happened in countries that have ongoing conflict or high levels of political terror. The amount of people who have died from terrorist attacks has decreased from prior years.

Brown says that “There was a 22% decrease to 25,673 in 2016 compared to the peak of terror activity in 2014 when over 32,500 people were killed.” (Brown).    Fortunately, countries can take the initiative to protect their citizens from terror. In New York City, “Sand-filled sanitation trucks and police will mix with glittering floats and giant balloons at a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

” (Long). Also, “…police brass have repeatedly stressed that layers of security, along with hundreds of officers, will be in place…” (Long). In other words, the safety of citizens is the number one priority at all times.

Citizens can alert an officer if they need to tell them something urgent(Long). More importantly, citizens must be resilient and “‘not back down in the face of terror threats.'” (Long). If we have this kind of mentality, we can figuratively shield ourselves from something so prevalent in many societies.     The nations of the world need to help each other annihilate the very roots of what we call terrorism.



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