Joseph considers himself at school, his answer

Joseph Roa is proud to be part of an adoring family, which includes his father, mother and an older sister. Joseph was born on April 28, 2006, in Edmonton. Since then he has moved two times. Being highly under the influence of his father, Joseph wishes to follow his father steps as an engineer and become a successful person in life like his father. Joseph also has a 15-year-old sister, Iris who often looks after him; He is a student at Edmonton Christian school.Other than his family life, Joseph believes that being happy in life is so special.

Being highly influenced by his father, Joseph cares about whom he wants to be now, not whom he would end up as in the future. On being asked what how he considers himself at school, his answer was “I am not good and I am not bad in school, I would say that I am just average”. Joseph hopes to Join a sports team at schoolJoseph has many hobbies, which includes playing sports and travelling. He is highly interested in soccer even joining the school soccer team. He said that what he really likes about soccer ” The freedom to run around without even having to stop and just getting to play with his friends”. As far as soccer Joseph is really interested in New places, The best place he said he has gone to is China, “China is a very fun place to go to, The bright lights, The delicious smell of foods it’s amazing and the people are so nice”.

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He has much favourite Chinese food but, Sushi is his favourite. He would love to travel to a resort in Mexico.


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