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28 April, 2018
Love Yourself
In 2002 “Love Yourself” by Eminem, music video was released as part of the movie he made 8 mile. He is starring as a hip hop artist. He both produced and wrote this song. This music video can be seen through many characteristics and is considered genre hip hop. In this music video it is seen that their clothes is very large, urban. Most of the men in this video are seen wearing T-shirts and sweat bottoms. They are all wearing hoodies and show the male stereotypes of a gangster look without showing their selves with any weapons. This shows their stance and clothing. Eminem in this video not once change his clothes to regular size, he stays in oversized clothing. The camera in the video shows Eminem close up as he gets ready to say his first lyrics. There was a strong back lighting when Eminem is standing in the middle of the road, a moment with just him and the camera. Outside it is pitched black and in the top right hand corner shows in bright letter 8 mile, which is the movie he made. This is the most noticeable sign in the video. The setting of the music video is extremely urban shown by the graffiti, which the video was filmed. In the music video there were numerous clips from the movie 8 mile. The visuals and lyrics are very close to each other. Typically in other music videos the relationship between both visual and lyrics aren’t close to each other. Both the lyrics and visuals of the music video amplify one another. It helps the people seeing the music understand it better because the song is kind of fast. Some people may not identify the concept of his words and what Eminem is actually trying to say but with the visuals as he raps it, is better. Eminem very first verse says, “there’s vomit on his sweater already moms spaghetti” this verse as he says it in the music video actually shows himself in the toilet vomiting. Although you cannot really see his vomit because we have a good indication of what he’s doing by him whipping himself and face expression. Later in the video they show Eminem losing control and throwing a soda can at his mother’s boyfriend, which is a clip from the movie 8 mile. The lyric at that moment he says “you better lose yourself”, he is frustrated and letting his emotional out and rapping it. There is also another visual and lyric of Eminem on stage, Eminem was stage freight when he got on and was about to rap battle. The crowd started to boo him to get off the stage. Eminem is just looking back at the crowd not saying one word, speechless. When they show this in the music video he says “he’s chocking how, everybody’s chocking now”. Also in the video “lose yourself” he’s defiantly losing his mind because they show a bunch off fights with him and friends because he’s losing control and is linked back to the music. The term “lose” shows Eminem overreact. To be passionate and to look at the overall picture. There are many cuts in this video that show Eminem as both a actor and performer.

The editing is done really well in this video; there are many cuts which show both points of view from him as a performer and actor. The cuts are done with the beat which is quite hard to figure out because they are so quick due to the pace of the song and video however I noticed that between 0:42 – 0:52 the cuts made very different showing a range of shots allowing me as a viewer to actually realise that the shots cut to the beat of the song. At the commencement of the song there is a solo piece, a piano piece. However the instrument is not actually shown in the video as it’s not part of the convention instead it shows the reader the setting and a little bit of information on the video and what it will be about for example 10 seconds into the video there is a sign saying ‘8 Mile Road’ which automatically tells the target audience what thee music video will be about as it was quite a well known film. It’s almost like a blurb at the back of a book, it gives you a taster but you have to watch the whole video to find out the story. The music video changes pace throughout at the beginning it starts of very slow with the piano piece, it speeds up as the beat drops and Eminem begins to speak but when he begins to rap it speeds up again. The verses itself have the same pace throughout, however they have a different range of cuts during the chorus however the pace changes continuously, an example for this is each chorus throughout the video, not one is at the same pace, it is as though it speeds up through the duration of the song.

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The record company promoted this song online using you-tube and social networking sites; they also advertised it using the film as a prop. It seems easier to sell this record because of the fact it’s a soundtrack to a well known film. The record company used posters, adverts etc they took advantage of every aspect of the media, the film itself was in their favour because the film promoted the soundtrack and vice versa. The image of the artist is quite a rough one. To the audience it seems as though he has had a troubled life, the colours grey and black present a very bleak and troubled image which is mirrored in his lyrics, however the light behind him gives hope. The artist almost seems desperate when he’s performing because he’s putting his all into it, it’s clear as a viewer that Eminem as a character is working extremely hard he looks desperate to get his point across not only through his expressions but his body language. The video is similar to Eminems previous video ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ simply because it’s also bleak the colour scheme is the same, it’s also an emotional song which is illustrated just as well was ‘Lose Yourself’ through Eminems emotions. there’s a slight change in Eminem as an artist when it comes to ‘Lose Yourself’ his videos before then were generally quite sarcastic or goofy, ones where he makes fun of people or generally act stupid but in this video the motif is different he shows his desperation, his serious side, his vulnerable side and his strength all in one which he doesn’t usually do. This can either be because of a massive change in his life or the label taking him in a new direction.

Unlike other Hip-Hop video’s there aren’t any half naked women or sexual exaggerated dances happening. To put this convention in this video would define the lyrics and change the whole mood, turning it into a typical sexual video instead of a serious one. Without the sexual references I feel that the viewer pays more attention because they are not used to seeing this coming from this specific genre. At 1:56min Eminem looks into the eye’s of his daughter and this is zoomed in, it’s a main feature it fits into the idea of ‘looking within looking’ as it jumps from one seen to another where he’s with his daughter in a rich life and a poor one, also it mirrors the beginning of the video when the same effect was used zooming in on Eminems eyes, they’re eye colour, skin tone etc are all very alike if not exact.

As the song is the soundtrack for a film called ‘8 Mile’ this is a clear intertextual reference. Parts of the film are used as a narrative for the video which is atypical as most official soundtracks have clips from the film. It helps a great deal that Eminem is both the rapper and actor, which allows the readers to relate more, and believe the lyrics more, than if it were two different people. Both the film and music video promote one another; this is not the first soundtrack be so close to the film, which makes it quite normal an accepted.

The music video has a balance of being narrative based, concept based and performance based. The director has thought long and hard about this video, to achieve all three effects. The performance is done both in the narrative and the performance. The performance and narrative compliment one another especially due to the shots used at the beginning Eminiem was not in a position of power nor weakness when performing but halfway through the song that changed and he was immediately put in a position of power when a low angle was put in place. The concept of it all was to show desperation, commitment and passion which were shown through both the narrative and performance which is why the video was a perfect balance between the three.

In conclusion this Hip-Hop music video fits all it’s conventions due to costume, stance, behaviour, setting and so on. The shots beautifully portray the lyric not only with the visuals but also the angle type. On a whole the emotions put in by the artist is what makes this music video what it is, which is a well balanced video.


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