Joe and asking questions teaches us self-reliance. Communication

Joe was able to push through his apprehensions and come to terms with what is considered normal to the average Chinese person and learn about Chinese traditions.

Such as, sleeping on a Kang bed-stove or futon (sleeping mat placed directly on the floor). No one likes uncomfortable situations, correct? Yet, only by subjectively putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations are many of us able to overcome our fears, learning something from the process. We learn to persevere. Apart of growing up and maturing is being able to overcome certain situations we don’t like, for instance, public speaking is something people either have a gut-wrenching fear of doing or they are someone who can casual speak in front of large groups, without any problems.

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Throughout college, students are required to take courses like public speaking because in many management jobs or any job for that matter, effectively expressing oneself is important. Joe only had himself, he had to get transportation and locate the place he was staying at. Adventuring out, pushing ourselves, and asking questions teaches us self-reliance.Communication is such a big part of our lives and by adapting to a new environment one will improve self-reliance and resilience.

Improving skills that help you connect with others, such as: learning how to negotiate or adapt to a different culture’s management styles. Simple things such as transportation, navigating through daily life will be new and by understanding your environment you become a more capable person. For instance, learning the subway systems, bus routes, and overall the different means of transportation. Studying abroad in China can also help students excel academically. China has its own unique educational system that differs from what us westerners are used too. In China, what is considered most valuable is education.

Once children start school it becomes a competition to see who’s the smartest and who will be allowed entry into college. Since, China is overly populated, universities are only able to accept a certain number of students. Hence, why parents spend excessive amounts of money paying for tutors and private schooling. Parents have the child study extensively for their exams that do in fact determine their future success.


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