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Evans AkpoAssignment 1
Comparing and Contrasting Thomas Hobbes and John Locke
John Locke and Thomas Hobbes were both brilliant men. Both of these men were theorist of political views and philosophers. They both influenced a part of the U.S Constitution. They were both alike in some ways but also very different. You may even want to call them rivals. These men did have more differences of opinion but they were both voiced on how we should be governed.
Locke and Hobbes did not agree on most of their views of government. To start off with on their views of nature, Thomas Hobbes believed that in a state of nature life would be nasty and brutal. What he means by that is that people will go to the extremes to protect themselves. They will go to the extreme to fight or even kill to protect themselves. John Locke on the other hand was completely different. He believed that people were born good and that people were only corrupted by society. He believed that people are better off in a state of nature. He believed that humans will never hurt other humans and they would leave each other alone.
Locke and Hobbes had their different views of government especially when it came to religion, property and of course government. Thomas Hobbes believed that the government or let me rephrase how we should be governed is through absolute monarchy. He believed government and government only should have all power over people. John Locke of course was opposite of Hobbes opinion. He believed any form of government was good enough. He believed that people should have a say.
Although these two theorists had many different views of government they did have some similarities. Their view on government and rights is where they link in together. They both agreed that people must give up some of their rights. They agreed on this so that the people may be giving up on some of their rights but they will be also gaining protection and security of their basic rights. Both Hobbes and Locke influenced our society and how it should be operated. They were able to shape the government and the people.


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