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Informative Speech- Part 1

Deaf people and lack of interpreters
Introduction A. The lack of interpreters in the medical field has been a prevalent issue that deaf people struggle to overcome. 1.By understanding the hardship of deaf people, people will be aware and know the importance of interpreters. B. Deaf people and interpreters can be categorized in three main areas. 1. Background and Statistics 2. Risk factors of not having an interpreter 3. Prevention (It is important to understand what it means to be deaf, so I will start with the background and statistics. According to Insurance News net article and The Baltimore Sun by Andrea K McDaniels…)
Body A. Background and Statistics 1. Being deaf is a huge hardship that my grandparents deal with daily. A. One year ago, my deaf grandfather had been rushed to the hospital with no interpreter and could not explain what was going on with him. B. It had been one of the most difficult times within my family. 2. According to research an estimated 55,000 Marylanders between the ages of 18 and 64 have a hearing disability. A. Nationwide about 2.1 percent of all Americans have a hearing problem, with only a small 1 percent of individuals are actually considered deaf. B. Since 2012, when Federal Department of Justice launched its Barrier- Free Health Care Initiative, it conducted investigations for around 36 cases- serval within California- involving lack of interpreter services. C. As I found in the insurance news net article an estimated 37 million U.S. adults have hearing trouble, ranging from partial loss to complete deafness, according to a 2006 study by the Centers for a Disease Control and Prevention. That’s up from 31.5 million since 2000. B. Risk Factors of not having an interpreter. ( Now that you know the background about the deaf, the information below is based off CBS News article By Jessica Firger. It will explain to us the first risk factor that happens with lack of interpreters in the medical field …) 1. Misdiagnosis. A. Recent studies are showing misdiagnosis happens more often than it should, with a rate of 155 per 1,000 hospitalized patients. B. Each year in the U.S 12 million adults who are out seeking medical care become misdiagnosed, according to a study published in the journal BMJ Quality ; Safety. C. Due to the figures on the study it conveys that 1 out of 20 adult patients, half of those cases happened to be misdiagnosed and potentially had a result of severe harm. D. For example, my grandfather being in the hospital with no interpreter it made difficult for him to relay what was going on with him. Which lead to him being misdiagnosed because the doctor was just going off what he could physically see. E. Because of being misdiagnosed by a medical professional it actually caused my grandfather to end up losing his life. 2. Language barrier (Aside from Misdiagnosis being a huge risk factor language barriers are another. The information below is based off U.S Department Of Health and Human Services showing language barrier arises from 1980-2000). A. Almost 50 million Americans speak primary language other than English at home. B. 22.3 million individuals have limited English Proficiency. C. Between 1980 and 2000, both populations more than doubled, where the overall US population increased by only 25%. D. With nearly half of language barrier patients need interpreters but don’t get them. E. Only 23% of medical professionals in hospitals are getting the proper training for working with interpreters. C. Prevention 1. Inform medical staff about language barriers within the hospital. 2. Provide proper training to all medical staff on how to use interpreters when needed.
Conclusion 1. Being a deaf patient is a huge struggle and lack of interpreters is an ongoing issue. 2. The objective in instituting interpreter services in hospitals is with hopes to reduce language barriers, while accordingly access to care and potentially improve care. 3. Interpreter services can help provide medical staff deliver the proper health care needed to the limited English speaking and deaf patients. 4. With understanding the risk factor of misdiagnosis, you can make others aware and help reduce severe harm.

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