JARVIS Apple, Bixby from Samsung, Google assistant

JARVIS is just like most of AI software that areinstalled in the mobile phones and laptops which includes, Siri from Apple,Bixby from Samsung, Google assistant from Google, and cortana from Microsoft(for PCs). These programs are so intelligent that we can simply talk to themand get the information that we want to have. Even these programs are evencapable to perform certain actions such as calling a person, sending a text tosomeone, downloading an application from playstore or appstore, read out searchresults aloud and many more tasks. Stark integrates JARVIS with his new suitand it becomes the perfect combination of intelligence and power. JARVIS can make 3d holograms of everything by scanningand obtaining knowledge about the elements of that object.

In the later part ofthe series, JARVIS helps Stark in finding the fundamental particles of the new elementthat he used as a power source (core) for his arc reactor by using thishologram technique. In the later parts of the movie series, other versions ofAIs are also introduced such as Veronica and FRIDAY which are programmed towork in certain circumstances. Veronica was used when HULK went out of controland something brutally powerful was needed to calm him down. Veronica isbasically a bigger, larger suit for the original iron man suit. It is alsoknown as hulkbuster as it was used in combat against hulk. On the other hand,FRIDAY is a specially designed advanced version of JARVIS which is featured inAvengers, age of ultron.

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FRIDAY is extremely fast and is capable of scanningobjects during flight and displaying full information about the components ofthe object.  Another masterpiece of technology used in the movie isStark’s arc reactor. He had a big arc reactor to power the energy needs for thestark tower. While he was inside that cave, he made a small arc reactor thatalso acted as an electromagnet which functioned: to keep that shrapnel awayfrom his heart and to power the first iron man suit. When he escaped from thecave, he created a new and better version of the arc reactor which is way morepowerful than the previous one. However, this arc reactor had a palladium corewhich slowly poisoned his blood. So he discovered a new element to power hisarc reactor. Stark’s arc reactor is capable of powering the entire suit andcreating powerful energy beams which he used against enemies in the combat.

Arc reactor’s power is also synthesised in powering therepulsor beams. These beams are placed in the hands, feet and back of the ironman suit which are ideal positions to help Stark control the speed anddirection of the flight. They can also created a repulsive blast which he usedto repel enemies and damage them in the combat. Although it is shown in the movie,but in reality manufacturing of the repulsor beam is nearly impossible (yet)because it is very difficult to pack a high amount of energy in a small place.  


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