Japan cartoon but personally, I do not

Japan or also known as the Land Of The Rising Sun was popular for their diversity of cultures, varieties types of food and not to forgot their advanced technology and facilities. Since I was kids, Japan had always been my dream to go on vacation there. However, some of the people might think that Japan is a boring place to visit or even to have a vacation there. This is because they did not know what does Japan has to offer there. Therefore, I am going to share what has attracted me to go there.

Firstly, as an otaku, Japan is like a heaven for most of the otaku. This is because there are more than 5 anime and manga store in Japan, as we could buy almost all the limited edition thing that could not be found in other places. Even though some of the people might call anime as a cartoon but personally, I do not see it just as a normal kids animation. Every anime has their own uniqueness that most of the cartoon nowadays did not have. For example, some of the anime that I have watched contains very important lessons that we could not get from life experience.

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Apart from that, Japan also popular with their weird food combination and varieties types of food. As a food lover, this is certainly one of the reasons why Japan was my dream vacation as it has attracted me with their delicious food. One of the places that I want to go is to Shimoda where it is a seafood land and served you a fresh meal. For the cheese lover, you could go to Hokkaido as they were popular for their baked cheesecake.

Next, the diversity of the cultures that they have there also the reasons why Japan was my dream vacation. The most thing that caught my attention is the traditional fashions such as kimono. Kimono is the most beautiful and recognizable traditional Japanese garment that even the youngest kids know about it. Kimono means ‘ things that is worn ‘ and can be worn for various occasions in Japan. There are 6 types of kimono such as furisode, tomesode, houmongi, yukata, komon and iromuji.


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