It’s songs choice. Because these things live longer

It’s difficult for anyone to build a reputation, specially in the past. Nowadays people can become famous easier than the past. From the enternet. But its still complex to maintain a good reputation. You need t take care of your actions and behaviour because they are an example for other pleople who are looking up to him. So they need to be a good example, and to contribute in charity to help the people and the people who are taking him or are looking up to him. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a diva if you are an example take care of your actions. Also they need to take care of thier choices if you are an actor or actress they need to take care of thier movie choice. And singer to take care of thier songs choice. Because these things live longer than us. There are some female that managed to establish a good reputation, these womens called “divas”, the word diva was originally given to the female celebrties singers, women with an outstanding talent in the word of opera. In the past it was used in the the singer only in opera, in the modern era the word diva is used for a strong wome with a strong and powerful personality also for singers in all types who has affected the world with thier talent and fashin such as Celine dion, Madonna, Lady gaga and much more. There are also an arab divas suck as: umm kulthum, fayrouz, sabah, warda al jazaarya etc. One of the greatest arabian diva is who i am going to talk about which is “umm Kulthum”.
Umm kulthoum, also spelled as Om Kalsoumhe or as Oum Kulthoum. She was born is the 4th of may 1904 on a small village called ‘Tummay al zahayrah in egypt. She was a egyptian diva who amaized the arab society from the persian gulf to Morocco for almost half a centuryshe was one of the most well known arab singers on the puplic public personalities in the 20th century. She learned to sing from her father who was the ‘Imam’ of the village he used to sing the traditional relegious songs at the weddings and the holidays. When he first time notied the strong voice of her he started to take her with him, and dressed her as a boy to avoid the shame presenting his young daughter onstage. The egyptian society during the time of umm kulthum when she was young held singing, also for the relegious assortment to be unreputable occupation. For a female specially. But umm kulthum still made her reputation in the village and the twns and the other villages by the egyption delta. She had became the star of the family and only she still was a tean ager.
In the beginning of 1937 she had performed regularly on the first thusrsday which was in most islamic coutries in the last day of the workweek of every month. At the time she had changed her singing, from a religious songs to performing a popular tunes in the “Colloquial dialect” and she was followed by a small traditional orchestra. She became known for her passionate and imotive renditions of arrangement by the best song writers, poets and composers of the past days such as “Bayram al-tunisi” and “Ahmed Shawqi” they wrote many egyption songs in the past. Later she worked with “Mohammed abd al-wahab” he was the best song writer at that time. she sang oer 10 songs written by him. The first song she sang was “Inta umri” it remains a medern classic. Her nuanced and strong voice and her skill to create a multible internations of single line of the text made the audience fall into the mening and emotion of poetic lyrics and the short composition had sang it for more than an hour.
Umm Kulthum was also know as “Kawkab al shark” she had an enormous repretoire and skills. Which contain relegious, nationalistic and passionate songs. In the middle of the disturbance created by two world wars, the great depression of the 1930, and the egyptian revulution in 1952. She had carved her public personality as a national egyptian and a prayful muslim. She sang some songs to support the egyptian independence “the university Anthem”, “Sa’alu Qalbi” (“Ask my Heart”), and in 1950 she sang some songs to support the presedent “Gamal Abdal Nasser”. They both have a close friendship. One of her songsassociated with “Nasser”. “Wallahi zaman, ya silahi” considered as the egyptian national anthem from 1960 to 1979. She became presedent of the musician’s union for about seven years. And holded positions on many goverment commisions on the arts. Her reputation was further raised by her donations to arab causes. After the defeat of the war in the 6th day of June 1967. She wander Egypt and the broader arab world. Donating the proceeds of her concerts to the egyptian minestry.
A health problems had followed “Umm kulthum” most of her life. During the late 1940s and the early 1950s she worked less often on a limited basis. And on some occasions she went to the united stated and Europe for medecine of variety of ailments. Is was obvious for them that she had a problem in her eyes due to spending many years in front of stage lights. So she had to wear heavy sunglasses. Which became a mark during her late life. Such was her flux of hysterical grief. She died in the 3rd of february 1975 in Cairo. And a millions of fans were on the street for her funeral procession. She stayed one of the best singers and also one one of the best-selling arabian singers even after a long time of her death. The goverment of Egypt established Umm Kulthum (Kawkab al-sharq) museum in cairo to celebrate her life and accomplishment in 2001.
In the conclusion, Its not easy to be successful you need to build a reputation, to be succcessful as Umm Kulthum. She is the best example for the Arabian ‘Diva’ she started very poor on a small village as a religous singer, and became the best Arab singer of all time. since the 20th century until today. She had created her reputation before she become 20 years old. Then moved from her small village to cairo, then worked with the greatest arab writers by that time like “Ahmed Shawqi” and “Mohammed Abdel Wahab” etc. And because of her great Voice and her fans called her “Kawkab al sharq” (star of the east). She took really care of her reputation and took care of her actions so till now its rare to hear something bad about her from anyone. She also took are of her choices of the songs. And because of that Umm Kulthum’s reputation lived much longer than her. And when she died in 1975, her funeral was full of her fans more than a million on the streets on her funeral proession. And thats a great example of a Diva and taking care of her reputation. nowadays duo to technology we still listen to her and she is still well known for almost 100 years and will still well known an her reputation will remain gold for 100 more years.


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