ITEC 1. This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment. No

ITEC 1001
Chapter 3 Internet Lab
Instructions – Please adhere to the following:
1. This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment. No team work allowed.
2. Provide a cover page with the GGC Logo at the top followed by relevant information such as your name, student ID#, course information (name & number), Assignment name & number, submission date, any additional information you deem important to be included on the cover page.
3. Number all your pages in the Footer area
4. Provide your answers in bold, blue, or both.
5. Complete ALL questions and activities. If you don’t know or cannot figure out the answer, then say so, with a brief explanation. If you provide a plausible reason, you will get partial credit.
6. When answering an essay question, your answers should be comprehensive – very short answers (one or two words) do not get much credit.
7. All of your answers including the article should be contained in ONE MS Word file. Submitting two files or more will not be credited.
8. Write each question BEFORE you provide the answer(s). failure to do so will result in point deductions.
Grading: This lab activity is worth 72 points.
1. Describe (expand and elaborate on) the following STEPS necessary to create/formulate an effective research strategy: (7 points)
1) Define your topic and note initial keywords
2) Locate background information and identify additional keywords
3) Choose the proper search tool
4) Translate your question into an effective search query
5) Perform your search
6) Evaluate your search results
7) Refine your search, if needed

2. Using Google, Bing, and Yahoo to perform the following searches and after counting the number of results found on each one, describe why some the searches return different results (9 points)

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Text Search Google Number of results found Bing Number of results found Yahoo Number of results found
A “Georgia Gwinnett college” 475000 1 1
B Georgia Gwinnett college 5410000 1 1
C Georgia Gwinnett – college 5850000 2980000 1
D GGC 14500000 8170000 1
E Ga Gwinnett college 5430000 1 1

Description: Why search results vary with different search engines? (6 points)

Search results vary with different engines because some search engines are faster than others are. Also, some engines are better with only showing results relevant to what you’re searching for.

3. Using any search engine find the following information: hint: be creative and use variations in your search (14 points)

a. Price or cost of a watermelon in Japan

Result $24.83/ea.
Source URL

b. Name of the only person to win two Nobel Prizes in two sciences

Result Marie Curie
Source URL

c. Name of the widest river in the world.

Result Amazon River
Source URL

d. Full name of the mother of the 34th USA president

Result Ida Stover Eisenhower
Source URL

e. Famous name of Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu

Result Mother Teresa
Source URL

f. Opening price of IBM stock on March 2nd, 1976

Result 16.20
Source URL

g. Images of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World

Source URL

4. Answer the following and cite/reference the source: (8 points)
a. What is Search GBY? When would you use it?
Search GBY stands for Search Google, Bing, Yahoo. You would use Search GBY when you want to find results from all 3 search engines.

b. What are the top five search engines in the US for the past 4 weeks ranked by Volume of Searches for ALL categories?
Google, Yahoo, Live, Bing, Ask
c. What are the top five search terms in the US for the past 4 weeks ranked by Search Clicks for ALL categories? Hint: an example of a search term may be “netflix” or “” or
facebook, youtube, google, you, weather

d. What are the top five visited US websites for the past week ranked by Visits for ALL categories?,,,,
4. Article: Write two separate articles about your personal opinion on any TWO of these topics: (28 total points, 14 points for each article)
• E-Commerce
• Social Networks,
• Virtual Worlds,
• Identity Theft,
• Adware And Spyware,
• Instant Messaging,
• Junk E-Mail and Spam.

Each article length should be between 200 and 300 words (>300 words are OK; but


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